A Bad Day Sound Bytes of the Week


Well, here we are the end of the week. FINALLY!

I’d have to say word of warning to other bloggers…NEVER and I mean NEVER write a post ahead of time. You are only cursing yourself and it will make your day turn into complete and utter CRAPOLA.

First, I was supposed to have a half day off…however one thing led to another and while I did end up going out to lunch and a movie with B2 and our friends from the East Coast. I had to come back to work afterward. Not fun…especially when what I came back for didn’t have the outcome I had hoped. Fudge…

I’m hoping against hope that I can block it from my mind…that perhaps this weekend can be positive and will turnaround. I WILL NOT LET THIS RUIN MY WEEKEND…SERIOUSLY!!!

But it still sucks…

Enough Debbie Downer…I’ll turn my frown upside down and give you a couple of laughs to start the weekend.

Here we go!

3. “It’s not for sissies.”

I heard this from a potential resident. She was talking about how her son does the same thing I do, but in Chicago. YIKES! Supposedly retirement communities are really hurting there, hence the need to be tough and buck up. Unfortunately, after the day I’ve had I’d have to say that quote is right on the money.

2. “Bridge is like sex you either need a good partner or a good hand.”

Ha! Perhaps that’s why the older generation likes bridge so much…it reminds them of sex.
And the number one sound bite of the week is …

1. “Hey guys, how do babies come out of mommies’ tummies.”
“Oh, E ummm, how about those Hawks.” You better believe mama changed the subject pretty darn quick. Sorry, not ready for that conversation just yet.

You would think he would have asked this back when I was preggo with his brother.
Photo by Luella B Photography
I promise I will have a good weekend. You know the good thing about Mondays? You get to start over again…so I’ll be looking forward to Monday, while I enjoy my weekend. A couple of drinks might help too.

Anyway, I hope you have a great, fabulous, super awesome weekend.

Do you have big plans? Are you just gonna chill?

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy and go big or go home. Ciao!


  1. >I hope your weekend goes well for you. I have nothing planned as yet but am sure something will crop up, it usually does : ). Love the soundbites this week, the second one really made me chuckle, thanks for that xxx

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