A {Hiatus} Sound Bytes of the Week

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day!

This is the weekend we kick off summer.

The college kids are GONE {at least most of them} and as the locals in Iowa City say “we can finally find parking downtown.” Downtown is quieter and our weekends will be spent at the Farmer’s Market and playing in the ped mall fountain.

As we ease into summer, I’ve decided to slow down a bit too.

Mostly out of necessity, because if you haven’t noticed I’m training for TWO triathlons each within two weeks of the other. So, I’ve called in reinforcements. Sure you will see me around these parts next week, but as of June 2 I’m off for two weeks, and turning the blog over so some lovely ladies who will entertain you with their witty commentary. I hope you welcome them with open arms, and show them the same love and support that you show me EVERY DAY.

Now for some Sound Bytes of the Week.

3. “Mom don’t kill bugs they are part nature.”
Of course he says this and then about an hour later informs me that he stomped on an ant. He’s a walking contradiction that little boy.

2. “We are going to plant toots and then have toot plants. There will be so many toots we will have a toot party.” 
All these toots in answer to one question. “What should we plant in our garden?” Oh, boy.

As some of you may have read, our Saturday excursion wasn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. At least not for me. However, one person was so mesmerized by the dinosaurs that couldn’t care less about anything else. He was our resident Palentologist, reciting everything he knew about dinosaurs.


So what did you hear this week?

Well, I have a busy morning ahead, kickboxing class, G’s doctor’s appointment, and a work event at the UI all before noon…WHEW!

Yeah I need a break for sure.

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