A Hot, Hot, Hot Virtual Coffee

I’m feeling hot, hot, hot…

Ugh…if we were really meeting for coffee today I’d have an iced mocha with an extra cup of ice to put in my pockets. It really is that hot here. The weather man said it will be a high of 115 today with the heat index and no I’m not in Arizona…this is Iowa people. We get hot, but not this hot.

We would probably be meeting at a local coffee shop really quick today, because I have a lot going on at the house. Some of which I can’t tell you about yet, but let me clarify this by saying I’m not preggers. It seems like anytime someone my age has a secret it always they’re preggers…but not in my case for sure…so let your minds wander.

So, in light of the big project I will only have a two day work week, which would be great if we just weren’t so busy. Basically, I’ll have to squeeze in five days of work in two days…oh boy!

Other than melting in the heat we haven’t been doing much. We went to the CR Farmer’s Market on Saturday before the heat wave struck and on Sunday we went to the mall. Yep, instead of spending time outside I toted the chitlens to the mall with me. I did win the mom of the year award according to E since I let him run around the play area for quite a while to get his ya-yas out. G has been perfecting his climbing, and was having a great time scaling the giant box of crayons.

Did you know that Batman was seen at Barnes and Noble and the mall play area on Sunday?

While he hasn’t started walking yet, G has been impersonating the human spider by climbing up on EVERTHING. So much so that I caught him standing on the ottoman trying to climb back into his crib…can you say “Holy crap!”

Well, it’s getting late so I gotta run and put E to bed…Have a great week and thanks for coffee. Oh, and one other quick thing. I usually try to e-mail back everyone that comments. However, sometimes I get REALLY busy and it takes a while to respond…sorry, but don’t fret you will hear from me soon.

Don’t forget to head over to Amy’s for more caffeinated conversation.



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  1. >Little G is adorable… well, at least what I can see of him through his costume eye-holes! hehe. My daughter would love the costume.
    So you're in Iowa? I like you already. :0) My grandpa was from there, and I have been getting really into family history lately…and besides that, the MUSIC MAN is set in Iowa! It just has to be awesome there. Is it?? :0)
    115 does sound a bit warm. ;0)

  2. >how fun!! though sorry for the horrible heat! mind you, we in the UK could do with a bit *shiver* and your kids are too adorable 🙂

  3. >I can't believe how much G has grown, he will be running circles around you soon ha ha xxx

  4. Elisa Black says:

    >Ok so now you've totally piqued my curiosity about this big project at home… when the oppressive heat strikes, we women with little ones do our best to come up with ideas to stay cool. Batman had a very busy weekend b/c he was seen here in CT as well. Your midwestern heat has moved in our direction– the worst is supposed to be the next few days. My poor plants. Thanks for coffee! Hope all goes well.

  5. >Thanks for stopping by my blog. So far I am loving being a part of the CSA, knowing I can have local produce and not have to buy it at the store where it has been shipped in from who knows where. As far as finding a local CSA I plan to do a post on that Thursday, but for you here is a link to check out. http://www.localharvest.org/csa/

    I have found lots of information on localharvest. It might not include everything, but it is a start.

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