A {Jurtastic} Sound Bytes of the Week


I could really use one of these today. It has been a BUSY week. Work events have been consuming me, but now they are over {at least for another week}, and it’s time to get back in the swing of things.

My triathlon training has taken a hit, because of this crazy week, and I’m getting nervous. Other than my adventurous bike ride, which included rain, wind, and multiple hills, I haven’t exercised since last Friday. NOT GOOD!!! So, this weekend and upcoming two weeks I’m training, training, training. Come hell or high water. It’s do or die time.

However, I will find time for some fun this weekend. We are headed to The Putnam Museum for Dinosaurs Unearthed. Our little paleontologist is extremely excited about this adventure and he had a couple of comments about our upcoming exhibition….and other funny randoms.

3. “When we see the dinosaurs, I’m going to name every single one, and tell the guy all about them. Because I’m a Paleontologist. For real mom. Really.”
After I hear him shout out names like Cretoxyrhina or Hadrosaur, I pretty much believe him. I can’t wait to see him go head to head with the museum guide. This could be fun…

2. “This your gateway drug.”

E doesn’t really like soda pop, but B2 gives him some once in a while. Most of the time he hates it because of the fizziness. However, once he had some of this he was hooked. Awesome {said in a sarcastic tone}.

1. “Where’s dad? I didn’t just come to this campsite to play and dance.”

Really? What else WOULD you do at a campsite? Because I know for a fact E that you don’t sleep, sit still or listen.

So….what did you hear this week?

Well, time for work.

Have a GREAT day, and enjoy your weekend.

Watch out for dinosaurs.

They can be anywhere and they like to vacuum.

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  1. >You have got to love some of the things kids come out with. It sounds like you have a really intelligent little lad there, he is so funny bless him, he says the cutest things.

    The museum is going to be awsome, the guide will not know what has hit him ha ha ha Go E, you tell him what's what. Have an amazing time x x x x

  2. Hyacynth says:

    >Hahahahah! Totally laughed out loud at that last line and picture!

  3. Lucy The Valiant says:

    >Lol, Orange Crush IS totally a gateway drug! And that last picture is hilarious!

  4. >That dinosaur is very fiercesome and adorable.

  5. alita jewel says:

    >Mine don't sit still or listen either. lol!

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