A {Poop} Sound Bytes of the Week

Did you know Sunday is Mother’s Day?

For real, like I’m freaking out because I know what I want to get my mom, but I think I waited too long and now I might be … dare I say screwed…UGH…

Oh, wait I didn’t wish you a Happy Friday.


Due to my Chicago getaway, I’m a day off in the week. So really to me it’s Thursday, which has made this Mother’s Day thing blow up in my face.

Along with the fact that I had to buy a new phone because mine broke on the way home from Chicago. Picture me on the Expressway terrified because I may or may not have any connection to the outside world. YIKES!!

Then WHILE I was in Chicago I received a text saying that our oven crapped out. {Yes this is the second appliance to crap out while I’ve been out of town} Perhaps it died because IT CAUGHT ON FIRE earlier in the week, just a hunch.
And then…our car needed $1,500 in repairs.

Oh, and I backed out of our driveway and into our neighbor’s car. {which is completely unrelated to the other car that needed repairs.} It was just a bumper bump, but it sounded like I smashed his whole car to smithereens. Good thing our neighbors are our best friends, otherwise it could have been ugly.

Of course this all happened on Monday and Tuesday, so up until today things have been quiet.

However, today starts a new batch of craziness that includes …

Cleaning mouse poop out of the Winnie so we can go “camping” on Saturday.
Celebrating little red’s SECOND birthday!!! What??? I know right?

And that damn Mother’s Day gift on Sunday.

UGH!!! Where is my personal assistant when I need one? Maybe she can clean up the mouse poop, while I concentrate on this week’s Sound Bytes of the Week…

3. “If you think it ink it.”
A friend told me that and as a writer I love it. I think it’s even T-shirt worthy.

2. “Blip, Bleep, Blip, Bleep.”
That’s the sound of my phone attempting to charge itself on the way home from Chicago. This week I said hello to the iPhone, and Siri {too bad she doesn’t clean up mouse poop.}

1. “Mom I know what I’m going to get you for mother’s day. It’s a big golden rock, and they call it Fool’s Gold.”
I was really excited when I heard “big golden rock” then I died laughing when I heard the rest. He said it so seriously too. I guess we will see what I get come Sunday. HAHAHAHA.

What did you hear this week?

Well, I’m off to work, then play.

May all you mothers out there have a WONDERFUL day,
and may you receive more than a chunk of Fool’s Gold.
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  1. Jen Rothmeyer (EmSun) says:

    >I will probably receive four hugs, four sloppy kisses, two school projects, and two little kid scribbles. And that's PERFECT. 🙂

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