A {Super, Super Duper Excited} SBOW

“Red Solo cup I’ll fill you up. Let’s have a party…”

Oh, yeah baby…let’s party all right. I don’t listen to country, but I do watch Glee and after hearing this song it is now imprinted in my brain FOREVER…oh, and E likes it now too. Good grief. Between singing this and “Moves Like Jagger” our car trips are a nightclub experience.

I have to tell you that I’m in a partying mood, because tomorrow I leave for CHICAGO!!!! Hurrah, shopping, eating, shopping, eating, see friends and eating, shopping…you know the gig. A girl’s dream.

And…and…my mom will be here {dumdum} on MONDAY!!! Monday people…like seriously. She will be here on Monday and stay till infinity. No worrying about squeezing in a visit, she will just “be” here. Awesome right?

So, with all this GREAT news and excitement let’s start the party with some Sound Bytes of the week…

3. “You know how I get G to get me the ball? I just say fetch G, fetch.”
Trust me E this will only work for about the next six months…then you will be fetching balls for him.

2. “Are you going to feast on me.”
In response to “Go to bed you turkey.”

1. “The holidays bring out the drunk in me.”
Ummm…yeah…bring on the wine.

Now it’s your turn to link up…Let’s hear ’em.

Now back to work counting the hours till I can head home and pack for my road trip. We are leaving at the crack of dawn so I can make it to Evanston in time to have lunch with her and her. {Which is another reason I’m SUPER DUPER excited.}

Have a great weekend, and go where the road leads you.


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  1. >Looking forward to tomorrow! Praying for safe travels, friend.

  2. >Ooooooh fun!!! I am envious. Say hi to the girls for me. :)) … Also, "be" is nice. I love those kind of visits.

  3. Iowa Sunshine says:

    >love the turkey quote!! you and your family seems to have fun with cute comments 🙂 clever kids, clever momma!! have a great weekend. headed to the bowl game? 🙂

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