An Excited Sound Bytes of the Week


It’s Friday. In about eight hours I’ll get to see my mama. I’m so freaking excited. I haven’t seen her since she came out to Iowa after G was born.

One of the only “good” photos I have of mom and E (he was 2).
Note to self take loads of pics this weekend, we need to update these.

I have our whole weekend planned. Nothing too major, just going to the Farmer’s Market, hanging downtown and getting coffee. All those things we don’t get to do because she lives so far away (insert sad face here).

So I dedicate this week’s Sound Bites to my sweet mama…see you soon!

3. “It’s like herding cats.”
Examples include four year olds playing tee-ball, directing our residents out to a BBQ and making sure E and G get to their classrooms in the morning.

2. “Just because you have one doesn’t mean you need to act like one.”
So true! And I think we all know a couple people that “act like one” once in a while.

And the number one sound bite is …

1. “If you are what you eat. You must be eating sexy beast.”
Don’t you know it. That’s me the sexy beast. This is only because of my email address it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m remotely sexy…I’m just sayin’.

Not the definition of sexy beast AT ALL.

Well, there you have it. Not my best sound bites, but I’m sure I’ll have some great ones after a weekend with Mimi, Papa and we can’t forget Toby The Wonder Dog.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. >Enjoy your weekend, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time xxx

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