Bigger Picture Moment: Lessons in Friendship from a Four Year Old

As I’ve gotten older I find it harder and harder to make friends. Friendships take time, and energy…which I lack with two boys under the age of five and a full-time job. Although on rare occassions it has happened. BAM out of the blue I’ll meet someone and we just “click”.

This is what I hope for with the boys. I want them to find that “bestie” that one true friend they just “click” with.

E is like me. Ready to be anyone’s friend at a moments notice. Looking for pals on the playground, at school, at the doctor’s office…anywhere.

E hanging with his peeps.

I once watched as E “clicked” with a little boy during soccer practice and they ran around the field holding hands. A little awkward, but definitely cute.

Sometimes, though there are kids that don’t want to be his friend. And they aren’t so nice about it.

Yesterday at the playground I watched my smiling son walk up to a boy and try to play with him. The boy’s response “Go away, you’re stupid.” WTF – you little sh$%. Mama bear almost went on attack, but I waited and watched. What I saw was wonderful. My guy blew him off…he didn’t get sad or come crying to me. He just shrugged his shoulders and moved on.

The “Whatever” face.

So, mama bear can save her worry for something more important (like kindergarten and dating). And I could learn a lesson about friendship from my little man…

When someone decides not to be your friend it’s their loss not yours. Just shrug your shoulders and move on.

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  1. Hyacynth says:

    >Isn't that the truth! When someone else makes that decision, that's what we have to do — move on. I'm guilty of internalizing others' thoughts and words about me, taking them too much to heart. But your little man has got it — we have to hold tight the truths about ourselves – that we are valuable and loved. 🙂

  2. Elisa Black says:

    >What a great attitude your little guy has! Here, here!!

  3. >What a great picture! And what a great attitude, too! Now I'm taking lessons about friendship from your four-year-old. He's brilliant!

  4. >Oh, my gosh! Is that THE perfect photo to illustrate the story or what? Great!

  5. This Heavenly Life says:

    >So, so true. How often do I get my poor-wittle-feelings hurt, when it would be so much easier and more productive to move on gracefully? To accept that not all people are meant to LOVE me? (Although they totally should…;) Your little man is a motivational genius.

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