The Sacrifice: A Sample of My Horror Novel

Months ago Jade hosted a Writing Circle and the genre was horror. I was so excited. However, being the horror afficianado that I am it was hard to find an original yet, spooky plot line. I find that the scariest movies or novels are the ones that {in my opinion} can actually happen. So without further adieu here is a tidbit of my horror novel {that I will complete after retirement, but before I die}.  *Any reference to actually places and people are purely … [Read more...]

Quitting: The Awakening

“Could you come into my office,” she said sternly. “I think we have a miscommunication.” Grrrr! I hated it when she called me into her office. My stomach turned, and knotted. I reluctantly followed her. The door clicked shut behind us. As I sat down and listened to her berate me, my blood boiled and finally I said it, the words that changed my life… “You know what consider this my two weeks notice,” I said just as sternly back at her. “Good,” she curtly replied. Really? Did she … [Read more...]

The Mirage IS Real

As I enter the house I can already hear the little voices chatting upstairs. The clatter of dishes in the sink, and deep voice of B2 asking the boys about their day. E's chirping voice enthusiastically detailing the trials and tribulations of preschool life. They haven't noticed me yet, and as I continue staring at them from my perch at the top of the stairs I wonder if this is a mirage. Is this family really mine? Never in a million years did I EVER think I would be here. As the mom of … [Read more...]


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