A {Last} Sound Bytes of the Week

Lest you think this is actually the last Sound Bytes, I will squelch any rumors and let you know that it is indeed not.


SBOW 6-6-14


It is actually just the last day of school – FINALLY.


Big E’s actual last day was supposed to be the third, but thanks to our nemesis the Polar Vortex plans changed.


We stopped and had a celebratory last day cinnamon roll at our local coffee house before I sent him on his way today. He’s become a such a little man, and I see so many wonderful changes happening – like we are actually enrolling him in a summer camp. Last year we had so many reservations, but this year, I know he will have a blast. Seriously, who wouldn’t. They get to swim everyday and they have field trips – wait can parents sign up? I could really use a summer vacation.


Luckily the hubs and I are planning a solo vacation in a couple weeks, and I’m literally counting down the days, hours and minutes until our plane leaves.


In the meantime, we are in full baseball mode with both boys enrolled and every single night of the week we spend at some sort of ballpark. However much I eye-roll I truly love it. My dad wasn’t much for having me enroll in sports or activities and I think giving this opportunity to our boys is benefiting them in so many ways.



Home Run

Just check out Big E’s First Day and Last Day photo…notice the self-confidence, and his anxiety level is down too. Even though he’s attending a camp where he may not know anyone, he’s still cool with it. That’s BIG…HUGE even.


First Day Last Day 14

So, while it may be the last day of school it’s the beginning of something GREAT.


Speaking of great let’s get those Sound Bytes shall we.


3. “I want 200 Starbursts for dinner.”

I’m cool with that as long as you brush your teeth afterward, and I don’t have to cook.


2. “Mama that box has ribbons and trappings in it.”

I guess a little redhead as read too many Charles Dickens novels.


1. “Mama why is that lady dead.”

I practically died myself from laughing so hard as I explained to my littlest that she indeed was still alive and just sunbathing in the park.


Well, I’m just finishing up the day at work, and then heading with some of my Iowa City Moms blog friends to the Inspire Motherhood Conference. Can’t wait to enjoy some girl time.


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I wrote about whether to race or not a week from Saturday … check the post to see what I decided.


It’s been SEVEN years since we’ve been alone in our house for 24 hours, see what happened.


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An {Anniversary} Sound Bytes of the Week

SBOW 5-30-14


On June 1 twelve years ago I said “I Do” through tears and a smile to the man that would walk along side me on this journey through life.


It was the perfect summer day. We were surrounded by family and friends all want to celebrate our love and commitment.


It was in a word – magical.


He looked handsome in this tuxedo staring at me from the alter as I made my way down the aisle on my dad’s arm.


Wedding Day

We cried and laughed through the vows, and exchanged our first gift as husband and wife. Then we partied the night away to the sounds of Journey.


Love could be felt in every corner of the room, and now twelve years later that love continues to surround us.


No matter what comes our way, we still LOVE one another.


Life can suck the marrow from your soul if you let it, but like my kids say LOVE is a super duper force field that nothing can break.


So, dear crazy, nutzo life you may bend us and we may twist a bit in you gale, but we will never ever break, and that’s what twelve years is all about.


The magic of never being broken.


Me and the Hubs




There is also the magic of Sound Bytes and here are few to make you smile.


3. “You could poke out your eye. Then you would have a robot eye.”

While it would suck to have an ER visit a robot eye would be pretty cool.


2. “They won’t eat us we aren’t sweet.”

I disagree Big E you are very sweet, but yeah ants won’t eat you.


1. “Start making dinner mom? I’m only 7, maybe I’ll do that when I’m ten.”

Oh, little man I’m counting the minutes, hours and days till you can make your own dinner.


Well, I’m off to finish the day.


Hopefully, we can find a babysitter so the hubs and I can at least have a nice dinner together for our anniversary. Oh, and my Aunt from California, well now Idaho, is here for a visit. I haven’t seen her in forever, and I can’t wait to have my boys meet her and show off our new house.


Here’s to a great weekend and finding babysitters.

An {I’m Back} Sound Bytes of the Week

SBOW 5-23-14


I literally can’t remember the last time I wrote the Sound Bytes of the Week. Although that doesn’t mean much, because I can’t remember my kids names, what I ate for breakfast or the date.


My lack of Sound Bytes hasn’t been purposeful – well maybe subconsciously. My brain just hasn’t been able to fit it in lately. This little blog of mine has been bombarded with posts that have been supporting my fashion, triathlon and Target habits instead of posts that have filled my creative bucket.


It’s time to write again.



Like REALLY, REALLY, REALLY {times infinity REALLY} write. So, amidst some sponsored posts about cute jewelry and which cellphone apps you should use there WILL {I promise} be more soul writing.


I’ll warn you that it may not make sense, it may {will} be full of grammatical errors {I hate commas} and lots of these little dots…


There may be days I just pick a meme from a book and write it out. When I do I hope you will join me…that would be fun.


Otherwise, just read, and soak up the words.


Often the world of blogging becomes less about words and more about things. Like Pinning, Tweeting, Instagramming and the words that were so carefully crafted turn into an afterthought.


My words and the words of my children will not longer be an afterthought. I will continue writing, and listening, so stories, Sound Bytes and souls can be shared.


Are you ready? Here we go!


3. “Pink is the color of love.”

Wise words from my seven year old…he also said he wanted to wear pink every day. Love him…


New Home


2. “Why does that lady have tweezers to eat her food?”

Little Red has never seen chopsticks before. However, the resemblance to giant tweezers is uncanny.


1. “Daddy you filled my bucket last night when you let me cuddle in bed during the storm.”

And cue heart melting. I also have a whole blog post percolating on being a bucket filler.


Well, my friends THANK YOU for reading, and here’s to more words to come.


Me and G

Have a GREAT Memorial Day.



In case you missed it…

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