Creative or Crazy?

Throughout history there have been some extraordinarily creative people, who have also been deemed a little eccentric or as non-politically correct people like to say “crazy.”

Take for example Van Gough who cut off his ear or Virginia Wolf who wrote “A Room of One’s Own”.
Great creative works spawned from their hands, and their ideas and topics were deemed outlandish or not the norm.
And while I don’t compare myself creatively to any of them I might {according to some Pinterest users} be either crazy or creative. It’s still a debate.
See, about a month ago I wrote on Facebook how I wished I had a dry erase board in the shower, as this is where all my wonderful ideas bloom. I think it has something to do with the running water and the fact that the bathroom door has a lock.
Some comments were positive like “that’s an awesome idea.” But there were others who thought I was NUTS. “I barely have time to breath in the shower, let alone write anything.”
It was at that point a friend suggested bath crayons, and I was so excited by the idea I immediately went to Wal-Mart and bought some.
They came in a handy little monkey pouch that suction cupped to the shower wall. E immediately wanted to use them and I had to tell him those were special crayons only for mommy. HA!
The first day as I was sudsing up my hair and pondering life, I picked up a crayon and wrote out the day’s To Do List. Then I wrote a couple lead-ins for blog posts. Pretty productive if I do say so myself.
Then it happened I found this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist commenting on it, and sharing the wonderful bath crayon idea.

Of course I still received the “you’re crazy” comments or “I can’t believe you have that much time in the shower.”

But…But…I had the BEST thing happen.
I had someone pin the pin BECAUSE she liked my idea in the comment. Totally awesome.
So, for those of you out there that want to follow in my crazy footsteps…here’s the idea and you can pin it directly from here.
And may all your great ideas come to you in the shower.


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  1. Iowa Sunshine says:

    >first you are reading in the bathroom, now you are writing on the wall? you are my hero! i say creative — all the way!!!

  2. >Fab idea. Not sure my mum would appreciate me writing all over the walls, plus I am already moaned at for already spending far too much time in the shower but still I love this idea, and I'm sure many others will too x x x x

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