Crossing off My Bucket List



At 9:45 this morning I completed my first triathlon of the summer. It was a new one for me and I had a rocky start…water and air temp were FREEZING…but I persevered.

My final time 2:01.

I’m so happy….I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that unless I purchase a super bike or amp up my running, my time will always stay the same.

I think amping up the running may be the least expensive first step.

One triathlon down means one check off the old bucket list.

Yep, I have bucket list…You can actually see some of my list here and on my Pinterest Board.

Why a bucket list?

I live  a fuller life when I’m working toward something. If you give me nothing, but visiting Target everyday and watching a two year throw a temper tantrum every five minutes I’d probably lose my mind. But if you give me that, AND some items to aspire to I’m happy. I may be a little stressed, but I’m happy.

There are moments though when I wonder if it’s worth it. The training, the planning, the LIST, but then I grab my pen and scratch it across the page obliterating the item off the list.

And once I’ve crossed an item off the list, I feel empowered and invincible. Ready to face those crazy mobs at Target and ignore the temper tantrums.

So, grab a pencil and pad of paper and make your own list, you never know what you may accomplish.

Starting tomorrow for the next two weeks, you will hear some other bloggers talk about their bucket lists or their opinions on bucket lists. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

Now I’m off to cross two more items off the list, my second triathlon and playing football at Kinnick Stadium. I’m giddy just thinking about it…

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  1. Congrats! Completing a triathlon is an awesome thing – great job!

  2. I think about bucket lists and things I want to accomplish constantly.
    My husband always says that I need a plan for everything and I am trying to be a little more spontaneous, but I need a goal, something to work towards! It has saved my sanity more than once!
    I love the bucket list pinboard on Pinterest. I’m stealing it 😉

  3. I am so inspired by you, Brook! Good for you!!!

  4. That’s awesome! I agree with Lenae — You inspire me!

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