I Forgot:Just Write

I forgot.

I forgot until I read her words.

As the memories came flooding back, my breath stopped and the tears flowed.

I forgot.

How does someone forget?

With everything going on and life whirling around me, I forgot.

How could I forget?

I just called the lawyer and I see his truck everyday as it sits quietly outside our house.

What’s the statute of limitations on remembering?

When can I just let go and not feel guilty about forgetting.

Remembering hurts. It’s like a scab being pulled off and the blood that flows is reminiscent of the tears that stained my cheeks that day.

Each time E tells me to look at the electrical poles and that Grandpa used to work on them or when he accidentally calls Papa Grandpa. And when G’s birthday is celebrated I will remember that day.

I don’t want to remember that day. I WANT to forget it.

When I forget that day, I forget that he is gone.

Sail on Dad.

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  1. >a gently thoughtful post…
    just to let you know, i can host virtual coffee if you'd like to join in…
    i know i miss our catch-ups over coffee 🙂

  2. Hyacynth says:

    >Oh, lovely. Be gentle with yourself. Grief is tricky and part of it can be forgetting days or anniversaries because they do, indeed, pull open the scab. Big hugs.

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