I’m More of an Athlete than Lance

I may have only competed in four triathlons and one 5K in my whole 39 years, but I can firmly say without a doubt that I’m more of an athlete than Lance Armstrong.

Why you may ask?

Because I’m not a cheater.

Yeah, I said, and yes I believe it.

Doping for athletes is like counting cards in blackjack or when my five year old moves his game piece 10 spaces when I’m not looking. It’s about fibbing and lying and all that crap.

It’s a farce.

Perhaps I don’t “get it” because I’m not an elite athlete. Because having six pack abs and being able to bike a million miles isn’t in my “job” description. But that’s ok, because I’m just fine with my measly 2 hour triathlon time, if it means I don’t have to shoot up cancer-causing drugs to cross the finish line first.

What he did is a firm reminder that society is in a tailspin. One could equate his actions with that of a struggling model who turns to anorexia in order to score the good modeling jobs. “Everyone is doing it” Right?

Well, not EVERYONE.

But his mistake is making it seem that way. His egotistic misstep has forced us to look at ALL athletes under a microscope. If you win you better be ready to defend your title, because you will be guilty until proven innocent. It’s an open wound on an already crippled sporting world. Between juiced up baseball players and now this, all sports will be judged.

At what point will we draw the line on performance enhancing drugs? This same title is used to describe sports drinks and supplements that I can purchase at my local GNC. Will these be subjected to scrutiny? Are these the gateway drugs to other more intense methods of being a “winner.”

If so, I’d rather be the loser, because I love my body too much to make it hurt again.

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