Just Write: This One Life

I worked in a newsroom for over four years, and I heard it too many times “if it bleeds it leads.” The worst reality of life right there, our attention is drawn to the bad, the horrible, and the unspeakable. It’s not just tragedies of bombs and shootings; it’s the pop singer who’s gone off the deep end or movie star affairs and divorces that catch our attention too.


Why are we so fascinated with the ugly, bloody mess of tragedy?


I’m at fault.


I buy tabloid magazines, and tune into stories of heartache and pain.


Years ago I sat glued to my TV for hours watching footage of 9/11; bodies, bloodied on the ground, people crying out for loved ones and 911 calls for help that never made it. I watched it all.


Did it make me feel better? Did it take away my fear?


No, it did EXACTLY the opposite.


I lived in fear and sadness for weeks.


So, yesterday after hearing the news of the bombing, I tweeted once {a random news Tweet} and then I was DONE.


We didn’t talk about it, turn on the TV or even look at social media.


I couldn’t let the claws of tragedy rip into me, and tear open fresh wounds of hurt and anger.


Instead, I choose to laugh, to play and to share hugs and kisses.


We built LEGOS.


We had tickle fests.


We slingshotted Angry Birds across the room and chased after them.


We had dinner together at the table and talked about our day.


We smiled.


It didn’t mean that we weren’t upset by the day’s events.


We just had to be with each other, and celebrate our life’s blessings.


Because we only live once, and I will NOT live in fear.


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  1. I was really protected from it all – we don’t have CNN. I only heard about it through twitter, but that was enough for me. I also just wanted to go on living. My heart is drawn towards the tragic and I don’t need to feed the despair.
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Life in the Trenches – Chapter 15My Profile

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