Mr. Independent

“No, No mama.”

He slaps my hands away as he awkwardly climbs down from his perch. The carseat isn’t that high, but to an overprotective mama it feels like he’s climbing down an eight foot ladder. He slides out landing on his diaper clad bottom. Good thing because the clutter filled floor would have bruised his delicate bottom. Again I reach out my hands, ready to help him.

“No, no mama.”

Denied again.

Inside I’m dying. I so desperately want to help him. He’s too young to be pushing me away.

I take a deep breath and just let him go. I know he needs to do it. He WANTS to do it all on his own. It might be something small, but to both of his it’s big. A milestone.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity he stumbles out of the car, and looks at me with a big smile. He’s so proud.

He’s asserting his Indepence, and while I worry whether he will fall and scrape a knee or break an arm. Deep down I know that with this one my worries will be fewer and so will the the helping hands.

However, no matter how Indpendent he is, I’ll always be his mama and I’ll be there to catch him when he falls.


Today’s post was inspired by the Creative Inspiration prompt over on the BPB Facebook page. Stop over and check it out, then share it on Facebook.

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  1. He really is growing up, bless him. Such sweet words though my lovely, great post 🙂 x x x x

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