Mom Style Files: 4 Stores for Family Photo Fashions

Family Photo


Finding the right outfit for family photos can be challenging, last week I gave you some tips on what to look for when planning your family photo fashion. This week I’m going to give you my top 5 stores to find cute and affordable outfits for the whole family.



This is the obvious, since I’m there practically daily. The kids fashions especially, are affordable and stylish, as well as the men’s clothing. My boys aren’t picky and since, I want items they can wear again Target makes a great choice.



This is MY favorite place to shop. Unique vintage pieces, and handmade jewelry make this a great place to find a statement piece for pictures. Many times I plan my outfit first and build the boys’ outfits around it, since they are easier than me.


The Children’s Place

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, my eldest is picky about his outfit, and Target or Old Navy don’t fit the fashion profile. When that happens I turn to my old reliable The Children’s Place. They have classic pieces and items with just enough of a twist to make them different.



Once a year my husband decides to splurge and shop for himself. We receive coupons on practically a daily basis, so he can get a great deal on wife approved clothing.


Here’s a sample ensemble I put together with one item from each store. In this example I’d probably pair the shirts with jeans for the boys and maybe black skinny jeans for me.


Family Photo Fashion



While many of these are pretty obvious choices for clothing options, I believe sometimes the pressure for the perfect family photo can cloud our options.


The other bonus place I didn’t mention was your own closet. You might be surprised by what you can put together with a just a little inspiration.


Check out my Pinterest board for more fashion ideas.


Next week we will interview a Photographer and get her perspective on fashion and family photos. Stay tuned.

Insta-Life: Winter Wonderland




It’s official winter is here.


I wasn’t ready, and when I saw the snow Monday morning I tweeted some harsh words, and swore a bit under my breath. My eldest had the same reaction “I want to punch it in the face,” he said as he peered out his bedroom window. Yeah, I second that emotion. Especially after I spent 45 minutes turning the house inside out looking for snow boots that I could have swore were in the bottom of closet in June.


On Saturday, I braved Wal-Mart and stocked us up on winter gear. Hats, gloves, snow pants and boots, and this morning as we stepped outside into 2 inches of fresh powder my loathing switched to love as I admired the peaceful landscape and witnessed Little Red’s first snow angel.


Winter IS officially here and now I’m officially ready.

Weekend Writing Prompt: What’s in a Name?

Saturdays are going to be reserved for the Weekend Writing prompt. Each weekend I’ll find a prompt whether in the numerous books sitting by my bed or online and just free-write for 10 minutes. Whatever spills forth is published, no editing or second guessing.


This Saturday’s prompt is 

“The meaning of your name…does it suit you?”

was provided by the infamous Mama Kat.


Brook without the "E"


My name has been a blessing and a curse since I was born. My mother in an effort to originally unoriginal decided to name me Brook {without the “e”} after the neighbor girl. It was the 70’s and everyone was all about Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein jeans, and because of my name I was caught up in the hype.


“Yep, like Brooke Shields, but without the ‘e’, “ I would always say years later. Eventually, Brooke’s 15 minutes faded until years later during her Tom Cruise rumble, and people stopped the name reference.


Then they started with the jokes like “Babbling Brook” or just stupid rhyming like “Brook the Crook” or “Brookie Hookie” kids can be weird and totally annoying.


Throughout it all I still had to remind everyone, even close friends about that absent “e”. They always wanted to add it, that or an “s” making me Brooks or even swapping an “o” for a “c” transforming me into Brock.


Now at the ripe age of 40 my name, the one that had given me such fits throughout the years, seems to fit me.


I’ve grown into it, let its rough edges and annoying absent “e” define me as unique, one of a kind.


My name in general terms means “small stream”, but further research revealed …


Long before the medieval times the brook was thought to be a significantly smaller body of water than we do now, comparable to what we now refer to as a puddle.
Because of their size, it was often fabled that tears had caused these water spots to come about. Though, since their size was obviously much too big for mere tears to cause this, it was said that angels brought them about as they watched over the world in the clouds; thus creating their beauty. Henceforth the meaning, ‘beautiful pool of tears’, was brought about for a brook as well as both names Brook and Brooke.

As time passed brooks were considered to be larger bodies of water, as we see them today. The names were then used to recognize one who lived next to the stream-like body of water instead of the meaning of the pool itself, though many prefer to use this meaning today.


I’d say that’s perfect for me – Brook, without the “e”

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