Holiday Hacks to Keep you Organzied

This post is part of my partnership with the US Cellular Blogger Brigade Ambassador Program. Purchasing a smartphone for your kiddo this Christmas?  YOU NEED THIS!   'Tis the season to ring in the holiday hustle. I’m doing my best to plan {cough, cough} and start shopping early, but sometimes things just get … CRAZY. I need all the help I can get, so my iPhone is doubling as my sanity saver this year. Whether planning a holiday party or traveling to see family, it keeps me … [Read more...]

Life is Beautiful

I woke up at 4 am today nervous, worried and frightened. The news of election was not what I had hoped. My “team” didn’t win, I should be used to this feeling being a Hawkeye fan, but it still stung. Using the same sports analogy, I explained the outcome to the kiddos. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. It’s ok to be sad, but you need to be a good sport too. They then ran off to play sword fight, so I’m sure they are fine. When it comes to day-to-day life we will be fine. Who is … [Read more...]

There will be a Wednesday

Tomorrow I will vote for the first woman president. Tomorrow you may vote for the other guy, or you may not vote at all. I don’t have a crystal ball nor a time machine, so the outcome is a mystery. One side will win and one will lose, but… There will still be a Wednesday. The world will not end. I will not move to Canada {even though I think it’s pretty cool}. It will just be Wednesday. The cacophony of the election will fade and we will be left with Wednesday and … [Read more...]


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