Weekend Writing Prompt: Dear Iowa City

Saturdays are going to be reserved for the Weekend Writing prompt. Each weekend I’ll find a prompt whether in the numerous books sitting by my bed or online and just free-write for 10 minutes. Whatever spills forth is published, no editing or second guessing.


Dear Iowa City 2


This Saturday’s Prompt

Write a letter to your city

found in No One Cares What You Had for Lunch by Margaret Mason



Dear Iowa City


It’s been a while since we’ve been alone.


I’ve been so busy with life that I haven’t had a moment to just sit and enjoy your company.


It’s time to grab a latte, relax, and get to know each other again.


The world would stop for a moment.


The aroma of fresh brewed coffee would fill the air and the sounds of café jazz will be the soundtrack to our conversation. We would chat about random things like the weather or the crazy sweater trees and maybe the Hawkeye football team. I would tell you how much I miss the summer farmer’s market with it’s brightly colored fruits and veggies just begging to be eaten. Then I’d lament the weather, informing you that walking through the ped mall bundled up in my giant down coat and mittens just isn’t the same as summer. I’d giddily tell you how excited I am for the holidays, not just because I love turkey and Santa Claus, but because the students will be gone and I’ll finally have you all to myself.


Dear Iowa City


These conversations will remind me of days gone by and I’ll be transported back to when we first met.


It was an awkward introduction. I wasn’t sure about you at first. Everyone seemed smarter, more stylish and cooler than the nerdy girl from northern Iowa. You welcomed me with open coffee houses and free Cambus rides in the rain. Sure we’ve had our moments, like that time I drank too much and tossed my cookies in the ped mall. Yeah…sorry about that. But I made up for it when I spent some quiet afternoons biking along the river and those moments on the crew team as we let our oars slice through the smooth water.


You are more than just the bars downtown you are a way of life. You are open-minded, adventurous and welcoming. After 10 years these qualities have influenced my life too, I owe you so much. I found myself here, through education, friendship, love and pain. There’s so much more I’m looking forward to sharing with you, and I can’t wait for my boys to experience you too.


Except for the cookie tossing in the ped mall they can skip that part.

A {Life Happens} Sound Bytes

I almost made it.


My goal to blog everyday for NaBloPoMo was blown yesterday. While I’m kind of bummed, I’m realistic. There was no way in hell I was going to stay up till midnight after a full day and evening of work just to make sure I completed a blog post.


The whole situation was a teachable moment.


If I would have thought about it, I could have planned a Throw Back Thursday post, but my brain wasn’t functioning. However, sometimes it’s ok to miss a day; to embrace the moment. I was crazy busy on Thursday. Work, time with friends and family took priority, and that’s good, because that’s life. Without these crazy life moments I’d have nothing to write about.


So there you have it – I’m sorry, not sorry.


Shit happens, and that’s ok. It’s also ok to make time for things that are important to me – like writing in this space. Intentional planning can make life and blogging run smoother, and I can still experience life. It’s a win, win.


One of my favorite life experiences is the Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “It’s colder than an ox on an iceberg.”

According to Big E, that’s cold


2. “Totes, Slack me”

I’m talking like the hipsters now. It’s totes awesome.




1. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

Yep, winter has finally arrived.


Snow Angel


Now I’m off to tuck the kids into bed and settle in with a piece of leftover pie.

Have a great weekend and remember life happens.

Give it a TRI: PiYo

It snowed.


Not once, not twice, but three times in the past two weeks.


Not only is it snowy, but it’s so cold my contacts freeze to my eyeballs each time I step outside. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool.


The frigid weather has made it extremely hard to leave the house for my early morning workouts. While I could have skipped them and just cuddled with the hubs in our nice cozy bed, I didn’t.


Instead, I pulled out my PiYo video.


I’m not one for working out at home. It’s hard for me to concentrate on my workout when I’m worried about the kids destroying the house, or the piles of laundry staring at me. However, the cold weather made me change my mind.


Plus I wanted to try something different.


During triathlon training seasons one of my biggest obstacles was core strength.I used to attend weekly Pilates classes, but my schedule has changed and I can’t seem to fit them in anymore.


A few of my friends told me about PiYo and thought it would a great replacement. The workout is a combination between Pilates and Yoga, which may sound harmless, but it’s a burner of a workout.


There’s a handy “training” calendar included with the DVDs and the workouts build in intensity throughout the weeks. I was skeptical at first, and little annoyed by some of the poses. They are difficult to say the least.




However, by the third week I was PiYo planking like a pro.


I’m still including my normal weight lifting and kickboxing workouts into the weekly workout plan, but the addition of PiYo has improved my posture and core strength.


If you haven’t tried PiYo and are looking for a nice low impact, intense workout, it would be the perfect addition to your workout plan.


I’m not a Beachbody Coach, but I do know a few. If you are interested in adding the PiYo DVD to your fitness library, click here and find a coach nearest you.

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