Scenes: The Pieces

Those moments of golden silence, so few and far between in life, but here in cyberspace silence can grow exponentially.


I haven’t been here much, because I’ve been out living. Following my mantra that “Life is a journey not a destination.”


These past four months have been a crazy journey. The road was rocky and full of precarious twists and turns, and a month ago I crashed. Shattered into a million pieces.


The moment I stepped into the doctor’s office I knew life would never be the same. My new normal involves, a “happy” pill to take each day. For years I had fought against it. Arguing that I could handle my mental illness through diet, therapy and exercise. Then I turned 40 and the shit hit the fan. The depression became unbearable and once the doctor said untreated depression could lead to memory loss and Alzheimer’s I quickly snatched the script from her hand and made a bee-line for the nearest drugstore.


I’m on week four of my new normal and I finally feel like myself again. I’m laughing again. Really laughing and I’m not yelling anymore, heck even my road rage is gone.


My new normal will also include a new job.


If you would have told me four weeks ago when life broke me, that I would finally find my dream job, I would have kicked you in the shin.


But life has a way of working out, and on the day I broke the pieces finally fell into place.


Here’s to new beginnings and new words on the page.

Cut the Cord with US Cellular {Sponsored}

This post is part of my partnership with the US Cellular Blogger Brigade Ambassador Program.


US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade


I’ve stepped in the door with a hungry seven year old trailing behind me, and a little redhead yelling mommy into my face. “Only three hours till my mom time,” I think as I toss an apple at the hungry one, while holding a squirming redheaded boy.


My evenings are a bustle of dinner preparations, bath times, homework temper tantrums {by me} and story time followed blissfully by bedtime, which leads to the piece di restistance – my mom time.


What is mom time?


Mom time includes a comfy pair of yoga pants, a house sweater, my oversized chair and sweet bliss of binge watching TV shows with my husband.


Because of our crazy schedule, we never watch TV in real-time. We cut the cord years ago, and many of our favorite shows are streamed from NetFlix via our AppleTV, or as I like to call it the magic box.


Before the magic box we would have been tied to our TV, now we can watch anything anywhere whether it’s on our TV in front of the couch or sneaking in an episode of House of Cards on my Galaxy S5 during my lunch hour.


I know sometimes the idea of TV at your fingertips can get a bad rap, but for us it’s a godsend.


The biggest plus side to streaming shows has to be the absence of commercials. My kids rarely see commercials, which mean they aren’t begging us for the latest toy, video game or sugary cereal. Also, some commercials, like scary movie previews or beer commercials, aren’t suitable for little eyes.


Cut the Cord


Not only that but our time is valuable. Once we cut the cord our shows fit into our timeline. We can spend the night at the ballpark without missing the latest Walking Dead episode.


Speaking of Walking Dead, the hubs and I are avid binge watchers. Streaming shows makes binge-watching easy. No more waiting weeks or months for the newest episodes they are just right there waiting for us.


Are you ready to cut the cord?


Cut the Cord


My friends at US Cellular are offering the following tips and questions to help you decide if it’s time to tune out cable or satellite TV:


    • Determine what TV shows you watch. If your list is small, Google Play and iTunes sell individual TV episodes for $1.99 to $2.99. Season passes are available at a discount rate.


    • Hulu Plus and Netflix offer monthly subscriptions that begin at $7.99, and you can watch HD shows on all of your devices including your computer, tablet or smartphone.Are you already a subscriber to at least one of the above mentioned monthly subscription sites?


    • Then you may be interested in purchasing a streaming media player such as a Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire, which allows you access to thousands of channels, subscriptions services, convenient ways to rent or buy movies, watch on demand shows and play games.


    • Are you always on-the-go and can’t watch your shows when they initially air? Being able to stream them wherever you are from a tablet or smartphone with an inexpensive subscription may be a more efficient way to see your favorite storylines.


    • Do you watch a variety of comedies, dramas and sporting events on a wide range of channels? While alternatives are available, it may be better to keep your cable or satellite service to ensure you can continue to watch everything you want.


Once you cut the cord you can make better moments with your family and still find some mom time.


Disclosure: Through the rest of the year I’ll be sharing some more of My BETTER MOMENTS as a US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador. All opinions are my own and an honest view of my story as a US Cellular customer.

Scenes: A Clean Plate

I was chatting with a friend the other day, commenting on my training schedule, how I’m producing the This is My Brave Show and how I need to meet deadlines for blog posts and work projects, not to mention laundry and house charming {which basically means I just pick up LEGOS all the time}.


While I’m telling her all these crazy things she just looked at me, her face becoming more and more serious “WOW! Your plate is full,” she said.


“Well, yeah,” I stammered. “But it’s a good busy. I’m not freaking out {yet} or anything.”


I mean seriously isn’t this all I wanted? Isn’t this what it’s all about?


When you go to the buffet don’t you heap everything you love and then some onto you plate, so you can capture each scrumptious bite?


I know I do.


But I also know this to be true.


When you cram too much on your plate, it can taste like crap. Your gravy gets mixed with your peas and your fruit and it just becomes one big disgusting mess
that you can’t even bear to look at let alone taste.


One of the lessons I’ve learned this year is to grant myself and my family grace. We eat cereal for dinner some nights or blow off laundry for blog posts or better yet trips to the park. By letting go I was able to stop rushing and set the pace.


Plate 2


It was hard, but once I did it felt pretty darn awesome.


So…it’s time to pitch the plate in the trash.


I’m picking up a new one. Clean and fresh and I’m filling it with only the things I love and not too much, because I want to savor those moments.


Plate 1


So my plate will be filled with family, friends and a life of joy, because I don’t like it when my peas are drowned in gravy.

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