The New Year: Cherishing the Past

This week as I usher in the New Year, and train myself to write 2012, I’m taking the time to cherish the past, live in the present and look toward the future.

Today let’s take a walk down memory lane, because you can’t delve into the future without appreciating the past. The good, the bad, the sad, the crazy…all of it!

If you would have asked me last January what my expectations were for 2011, I would have told you “not much.” But in a surprise of epic proportions 2011 was probably THE BEST year on record.

Here’s why…

It sounds cheesy, but my little creation has been the springboard for growth and self discovery. I have rediscovered a passion for writing, one that I thought had been crushed. However, once I found my voice the words just flowed, and it felt good.

Through the blog I have meet WONDERFUL people. People I would even call friends, some who live only three hours away and others who live across the ocean. These connections have proven priceless. The love and support they have shown me helped me through some tough days and helped me celebrate my accomplishments. THANK YOU!!!

I’ve truly enjoyed watching my family grow.

Little G last January
Little G December
E last January
E this Christmas

From little babies to little boys. It has been hard, fun, and nutty, but above all it has been gratifying.

We’ve I’ve been working hard on replacing the mads, sads, and angrys with happys, glads and joyfuls. We are listening more and yelling less, not sweating the small stuff and living in the moment. And making sure to always find time a spontaneous dance party.


And the ultimate joy this year was to FINALLY have family close to us {aka THE MOM IS HERE!!!} I never would have imagined as I made my Christmas wish last year, that it would actually come true. 2012 will include some major quality time with my mama.

Last January, I wrote this post. And I have to tell you that after year at Farrell’s I HAVE gotten my body back, and so much more. I have found enduring friendships, that help me stay motivated.

I found my inner athlete, lost 20 pounds, 40 inches and loads of stress.

Cooking up fun with the help of a national magazine

Camping trips

Birthdays that included sports cars


Football games

And LOADS of laughs

What was your favorite {good, bad, sad, crazy} moment of 2011?
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  1. >Love, love. love this post, Brillaint and what a fab year it was for you. Here is hoping 2012 is even better. Happy New Year x x x x

  2. Jade @ Tasting Grace says:

    >I'm so glad to hear you've had such a fabulous year! And so many accomplishments – you should feel incredibly proud of yourself! Your mom's such a pretty lady too, you two could be sisters. 🙂 Here's hoping 2012 treats you just as well!

  3. Iowa Sunshine says:

    >wow, in the short time i've known you, this is such a powerful post … i feel like i've been a part of all of these precious, powerful memories. i'm very proud of you — you've made great strides and have had tremendous growth. here's to even more in 2012!!!

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