Scenes from My Life: Santa Secret


“So what do you want mom and da…er Santa to bring you for Christmas?”


Shit…I almost busted out the Santa Secret.


Luckily he didn’t notice.


However, there will come a time when he will ask that dreaded question “Is Santa real?”


He is five, and with the multitudes of children at school one of them is bound to say it…to let the secret out and tell him Santa’s not real {sorry spoiler alert}.


I vividly remember the day I found out.


My grandmother kept mentioning these earrings she gave me for Christmas and I couldn’t figure out which ones, until I realized she meant the ones Santa brought {light bulb}.


My world had been crushed by one simple misstep, after that I questioned everything…the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin {ok that one is still a mystery}, but even so the magic was gone.


The holiday was still nice, but not the same.


Santa soon became the creepy guy who lives alone with elves, watching you while you’re sleeping and then breaking into your house to give you gifts or coal.


Creepiness aside once I had children of my own, the magic returned. It was time for me to be the keeper of the Santa Secret.


So I embrace the jolly chubby cookie eating guy, and the magic he brings to our home with every “Santa, ho, ho, ho” G squeals and dance party to Santa is Coming to Town. In fact, this little bit ‘o magic keeps me from having a mini-melt down every time I enter the mall between Black Friday and Christmas Eve.


Photo taken Christmas 2011

And I’ll gladly keep the secret safe as I search for Santa wrapping paper, write “from Santa” with my left hand, eat cookies and carrots on Christmas Eve, fake reindeer footprints and stay up late to deliver gifts, because the squeals of joy and surprised faces on Christmas morning make it all worth it, whether Santa is real or not.


*E and G if you are old enough to read this Santa is TOTALLY real. Mommy just lost her mind for a moment.


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    Adrienne recently posted..A Favorite MemoryMy Profile

  2. The magic absolutely does return when you are preparing Christmas for your own children. What a joy.
    May recently posted..GraspMy Profile

  3. Love this post 🙂 Nothing beats a bit of magic better than the big fat jolly old man himself 🙂 x x x x
    Gem recently posted..Flower Arranging Week 10My Profile

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