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I try to type the words flowing in mind onto the screen, but it’s slow and painful. They are stuck and don’t want to come out, blocked by some invisible force. The more I try the more they hide, and all that spills onto the page is a grocery list, a TO DO list and a Christmas list.


So many lists and all I want to do is tell a story. The story of the day, of our ordinary, everyday life that to me {and maybe you} is funny, or thoughtful or {gasp} inspiring.


My story is lost among the hustle and bustle of these last 27 days 13 hours and 57 minutes till the gifts are torn open, the cards are sent, the tree is dried to a crisp and that creepy little elf is shoved back in the closet.


Thinking about it all makes me tired, and just like finding the words to type on this page it’s getting harder and harder to find the Christmas spirit.


The stories I want to share, and the multitude of TO DO lists are knotted together like a tangle of holiday lights.


I search frantically for a loose end, something to guide my way through this mess of words and tasks. A helping hand, a warm smile or more hours in the day, and slowly I untangle each little light, and with the unraveling the lights begin to shine, and the words begin to flow, and To Do lists are completed.


Life returns to normalcy, our ordinary everyday life, and with it comes the warm glow of Christmas cheer.


Linking up for Just Write over at Heather’s today. If you haven’t joined in or visited Heather’s blog I encourage you stop by. I had the wonderful privilege of hearing her speak and meeting her {swoon} at Bloggy Bootcamp Chicago this fall, and I have to say she’s just as awesome as the words she puts on her blog.

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  1. Well I’m sticking my hand out to you…even though you feel that things are a hot tangled mess, you wrote a beautiful piece here. I think that we all feel that way from time to time. IT will unravel. One day at a time
    Kimberly recently posted..Kicking Leaves And ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. Very nice write…It took me a lot of years to let go of holiday things I felt I had to do, and really enjoy those parts of these days that I want to participate in. With every “pin” on pinterest, I hear a little voice whispering….simplify, simplify. Taking deep breaths, and trying to listen!!
    Adrienne recently posted..It’s beginning…My Profile

  3. I haven’t even gotten out our Christmas lights yet (I’m dreading the tangle)! Your words have untangled themselves nicely!
    Ginny Marie recently posted..An Elusive NameMy Profile

  4. Love this. And I’m right there with you. We are beginning our official dive into Christmas this coming weekend- photos, cards, tree, decorations and hopefully not too tangled lights. But how awesome to be tangled up together with the ones we love this Christmas. Thanks for sharing this great post!
    Andee Flynn recently posted..choose loveMy Profile

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