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MS Files Mission Make Up


The last time I wore make-up, it was the ‘90’s, I was wearing a flannel and Nirvana was on the radio. Ironically it was the grunge era, but I was still wearing eye liner.


I always wore make-up because I had acne.


Really bad pizza face acne.


It was one of the things no one prepares you for as you race through puberty. I soon realized that the more make-up I applied to cover up my acne the more it excacerbated the issue. Eventually, I bit the bullet and just stopped. It took a while but the breakouts subsided and my face returned to some semblence of normalcy.


For over 15 years I lived make-up free. Now that I’ve climbed over the hill and have reached 40, it has been brought to my attention that perhaps some make-up might be a good idea.


No Make Up


I have mixed feelings about this as I’d rather not relive the blue eye shadow era of the 80’s or have pizza face again. Because even at 40 I still have some minor acne … I blame hormones.


On the other hand it would be nice to accent my eyes that are now glasses-free after 15 years, and maybe look less corpse-like during the day.


I waffled back and forth until last spring. I was going on stage for Listen to Your Mother and I was strongly advised by my photographer friend to wear something on my face or I would look like death.


My Make Up


So, I thought what the heck I’d buy some eyeliner, bronzer and lipstick. It was all I could commit to. I wasn’t even sure I was applying anything correctly as the last time I learned to apply make-up I was also wearing a training bra.


with Make Up


After my performance, I ditched the make-up again.


Until now.


This month’s Mom Styles Files mission issued by Melissa last week, has me debating make-up again.


But where do I even begin?


I’ve gone to Target in search of eye shadow, blush and all of the above, but it’s pretty overwhelming … I think there are more aisles of make-up than there are for paper towels.


I also want to wear make-up that is hypoallergenic, anti-aging, lightweight and “natural”.


Nice wish list right?


Well, I think I may have found a product that will work, but you will have stay tuned for next week’s post to find out.


In the mean time, tell us how you are doing with our Mom Style Files Challenge.

What is your favorite brand of make-up?

Do you have any advice for non-make up wearers?


Feel free to share photos or techniques with us, just tag your photos #msfiles so we can give you a shout out.

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