A {Blessings} Sound Bytes of the Week

I count them everyday.


In the number of giggles I hear down the hall.

The Boys


The number nose doinks and hugs he gives me.


On the mornings I witness a sunrise that takes my breath away.



My blessings are being counted.


Because as I’ve found out this week, life is too short, and in a flash they could be gone.


A tearful phone call over the weekend notified us that close friend had passed away in his sleep at the young age of 42. That’s only ONE year older than my husband, not only were we grieving a loss, but also our mortality at the same time.


Because it can’t possibly happen to us right? We are invincible, or so we think. And often in the hustle and bustle of the day I forget to count my blessings. I forget just how lucky I am to see that sunrise every morning, and join my children and husband in our hectic journey of the day.


So, as I look at the week that is ending I will count my blessings and be thankful even for the little things …


I’m thankful for loose teeth and a little redheaded boy who used the potty.


I’m thankful for a weatherman who got it wrong again, and a storm that didn’t drop till my hubby was safe and snug at home.


I’m thankful that we made it out of the house yesterday without tears {from all of us} … today…eh…but yesterday was perfect.


Morning Rush


I’m thankful that I had the courage to send an email to a stranger that resulted in an awesome opportunity as a writer with the Iowa City Mom Blogs.


I’m thankful that I can bike and run even though my ankle is injured.



I’m thankful that I’m here in this crazy, beautiful life.


I’m also thankful for two little boys that keep me laughing with their Sound Bytes of the Week…


3. “Did you know that some people call their penis a pee pee?


    “Yep, but that’s not what it’s called. It’s called a weiner.”

Ok, so I’ve been hearing about wieners for the past three days, because they had their “body part” talk in kindergarten {yes I know a tad young, but it’s to promote safe touch} However, all the kids thought it hilarious especially mine, who now calls himself Mr. Weiner.


2. “No pee pee. Pee pee stuck.”

G’s teacher asked him to go potty, and apparently he was having issues. However, the next night the big guy peed and pooped in the potty. Milestones are happening people. Here’s to no more diapers!


1. “What do you want the tooth fairy to bring you?”

     “Chocolate coins and money.”

Hmmmm, not sure where he got the chocolate coin idea, but it sounds like the tooth fairy might get off easy this time around.


Well, as we embark on this weekend I’ll try to keep counting my blessings as I also count the hour slipping away from us on Sunday. {insert screaming} I dislike the time change, but for the theme of counting our blessing I’ll just say … I’m thankful for every hour even the lost ones.


Have a GREAT weekend. What are your blessings from the week?


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