A {Cheers} Sound Bytes of the Week

Twitter, twitter tweet, birds torment the cat soaking up the afternoon sun by the patio door. A breeze rustles the leaves on the trees and makes its way inside blowing bits of hair into my eyes and tickling my nose.

It’s calm, it’s cool and my body and brain have FINALLY slowed down enough so that my jumbled thoughts could be put on paper.

My posts have been sporadic to say the least. Not because I don’t have stories to tell, but because time and BS keep hindering progress.

The lack of time at work, at home and on the weekends has pushed me to my breaking point. I needed a day to BREATHE, a kid – free day where I could just rest my mind and soul. Not worry about laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, picking someone up, dropping someone off…

There are no worries today and no negativity.

No Debbie Downers to ruin my relaxation buzz.

The past couple of weeks have been a true test of mind over matter. It’s been hard to wrangle the negative and shove it out of mind. I worry A LOT about the boys, the hubs, work issues, the race, our Creative Soul event and our impending move. That’s A LOT of worry …

But worry solves nothing. In fact, all it does is waste valuable time {which I mentioned before is lacking}, and it turns me into “a grumpy pants” according to the boys in the house.


Which is why today is so very important. While my body soaks up the sun, my mind is bathed in light and I can finally see …

“The truth is the glass is always right full.

You may not be able to picture what you can’t see but only real things fill up space. And the real reality is that your glass is really right full.”  ~ Ann Voskamp

My glass is so very full…

Training is going GREAT! I’ve run SIX miles in a hour, and I used to only be able to do THREE. Only 20 more days till the race … but who’s counting.


The kiddos are happy and healthy.

Cookie Monsters

We showed our house to some potential renters and are crossing our fingers and toes that one of them will accept.

Work is work, but at least I have a job.

The Creative Soul event WILL sell tickets, because I live in the writing capital of the Midwest. {shameless plug…if you are creative and like to write, click the link and join us. We are awesome people}

And life? Well …  life is FULL and so are my many blessings.

Including the little people who crack me up and bring light into my life every day with their Sound Bytes.

3. “Oh, birdie in rain. Go home birdie, Go HOME. GO HOME BIRDIE!!! GO!!!”

G felt so bad for this bird that was sitting in the rain. He just kept yelling at, and the bird never moved.

2. “Ouch mommy you hot!”

Well, that’s what your daddy says.

1. “Only 5 more days of school mom!”

The countdown to summer has begun, and the countdown to juggling childcare. Oh, this is one of those time I wish I was a SAHM.
But, my glass is full right? Super full…no Negative Nellies up in here.

Let’s raise a glass to the weekend and say CHEERS!!!


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