A {Creative Soul} Sound Bytes of the Week


What a week it’s been.

My laundry piles have been building and finally last night I was able to get all my cute clothes, you know the comfy ones without snot globs, washed in preparation for my trip to {yes you guessed it} CHICAGO. Ok, maybe not exactly Chicago, but northern ‘burbs.

I will be attending our first Bigger Picture Blogs retreat, Creative Soul, with the lovely Michelle Pendergrass. My excitement is overflowing, as I’ve wanted to meet Michelle in person since we were paired for Bigger Picture Blogs B-day celebration. I was desperately looking for a roadtrip partner this time, and they could attend the retreat with me, but alas everyone has plans. Trust me I’ll give a detailed report on my creative escapade next week.

This is a MUCH needed girls’ getaway. I need a moment to catch my breath before the craziness of Fall eats me alive. We are already talking Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving plans and Christmas presents. GAH….Really?

Before I’m consumed, kicking and screaming, I’ll give you this week’s Sound Bytes.

3. “I’m Michael. He’s Zach. And you are Ma’ma.”
Really? Everyone gets a cool made up name and I’m just ma’ma … like and English old lady. Awesome.

2. “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.”
Looks like my coffee love has worn off onto little G.

1. “ONE MINUTE.” {insert vehement finger waving}
G has been saying this A LOT lately. Basically, anytime we ask him to do something he just doesn’t want to do. It’s quite cute and funny, IF you aren’t in a hurry.

So? What did you hear this week?

I want to send a HUGE shout out to all my SITS Girls who showered me with love last week. I’m slowly but surely answering all your comments, and visiting your blogs as well as stalking you on Facebook and Twitter {aren’t you glad you visited}.

Well, I’m off to cram a large amount of work into only four hours, before I high-tail it out of town … Have a FABULOUS weekend….weeeeeeee.

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