A Friday at the Doctor

As we head into the weekend I am feeling so relieved. I have my baby back. My cheerful, giggly, busy baby has replaced the boogie, grouchy and sleepless baby of last week. Ahhhh….

It was an early morning for all of us, but E was excited because he got to wear his Batman PJs to school. Rumor on the street is that he’s still wearing his PJ shirt with jeans (that’s my boy).

B2 dropped G and I off at the Surgery Center then headed to school to drop of E, but not before E kissed his little brother goodbye.

Then it was time to wait.

And provide a little comfort (for me).

Then we had to wait some more, but this time G rocked it in his hospital gown

and his little ankle bracelet.

He played with daddy’s hat. Go White Sox.

Then it was time to go, and before we knew it he was back. A little grumpy (tired and hungry), but doing VERY well.

B2 rocked him to sleep before we left.

We made it home and after some breakfast and a nap for both of us. We awoke refreshed and ready to play.

So there he is my new and improved little G. No more sleepless nights and no more doctors. Now we just play, laugh and enjoy the day.

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