A Friendship in Bloom: Bigger Picture Moments

After this week’s tragedy, I disconnected myself from the social media frenzy.


However, I couldn’t resist on last peek at Facebook before bed, and that’s when I saw it. A quick little status update from a dear friend. Her brother who ran the Boston marathon and his wife were safe and sound. Relief filled my heart, and I commented how thankful I was for their safety.


Quietly I checked on the kiddos and went to bed that night grateful for my family and friends.


The next morning I was still thinking about her. We were best friends in High School. We would cruise around the avenue in our small town, windows down rocking out to C & C Music Factory. I remember the time we watched the movie Sliver with her parents {awkward}. Then there’s the infamous Spanish class video we had to make in which we sang along to Rico Suave. Thank goodness You Tube didn’t exist.


We were there for each other. Always ready with an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. I adopted her parents and she in turn became like the big sister I had always wanted.


Even when she left for college, we still kept in touch. It’s because of her that I attended the University of Iowa {not sure if she knows that}. We were even in each other’s weddings. But as the years passed, post graduation took her to Washington D.C. and our connection waned.


Life obligations, distance and chaos just got in the way. The phone calls became less and less, as well as the emails. Visits back home were so short that neither of us had time to connect. I always felt bad about it, but yet I never picked up the phone.


Until Tuesday.


My heart beat fast as I picked up my cell phone. I wondered if she would even talk to me, if she would be mad at me for not staying in touch. I swallowed the fear and dialed her cell phone {or what I thought was her cell number} Thanks to the kind lady who called me back immediately, and told me it was wrong. Wow! It had been that long. So, I called her at work, and after passing through the front desk “security” I heard her sweet hello on the end of the phone. I choked back tears of joy. “She’s happy I called,” I thought to myself.


I didn’t need to worry, for when old friends reconnect, it’s like no time had ever passed. Our conversation flowed easily, and we caught up on each other’s lives. In one moment the seed of a memory had triggered the blooming of a friendship left dormant for too many years. During a week filled with sadness, THIS was just what my heart needed.


It needed to BLOOM.


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