A {Harmoniously Late} SBOW

I’m only five days into the New Year and I’m already embracing my ONE WORD – HARMONY.

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As you can see this week’s Sound Bytes is a tad late, because I needed to keep the harmony in my life and my family. There were just too many things on my plate this week – work obligations, bowling league {yes I’m old}, a sore throat, more Christmas shopping and family dinner.


So, something had to give and it just so happened to be this …


And I’m cool with it.


A year ago I would have been stressing trying to fit it all in and then making myself and my family crazy, but not this year. Nope …


Speaking of last year, I took a look at last year’s goals and was pretty impressed that I accomplished most of them …


Compete in three triathlons this summer {ok so I did only two, but I did complete the TRIFECTA}


Cultivate my writing {can we say horror novel}


Attend a Blog Conference {Bloggy Bootcamp x 2, Social Rev Up and our first Bigger Picture Blog retreat CREATIVE SOUL}

 Artist Finger

Meet more bloggers {Well that’s inevitable when you attend conferences, and I met my idols Meagan Francis and Heather King – swoon}


FINALLY close my dad’s estate and scatter his ashes {It’s official, all we have to do is submit taxes for last year and I can finally get rid of all the paperwork, and put him to rest}

 Sail Away 2012

Take the boys outside and PLAY {Everyday and we had ice cream a lot too}




Find a triathlon coach so I can finally finish a tri in 1:30


Run a mud run {like dirty girl, warrior dash or run for you lives}


Go to BlogHER


Host a Creative Soul event in Iowa City


Audition {and hopefully perform} at the CR production of Listen To Your Mother


Pitch a story to a magazine


Stop checking my phone, email, Twitter and Facebook ALL THE TIME


As for those Emotional Items…


Well, those are an ongoing work in progress, but I’ve made tiny bits of progress


FORGIVE others and myself {I often say it out loud now, so it really sinks in}


Listen more {goes hand in hand with disconnecting in order to reconnect}


Open my heart to love {working on it}


Find my definition of faith {this is a BIG one and I’m taking baby steps toward finding faith – I might even go to church once in a while – gasp}


Live in the Moment {A constant battle}


Oh, and the last one LIVE IN HARMONY


It’s just a few goals…


Goals are good though they help guide us, and to use a harmonious analogy I’d like to say they are the instruments that make our story sing.




Now it’s time to share this week’s Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “Farewell Christmas I will miss you, but I know you will come again.”
Both boys are in L-O-V-E with Christmas, if E had his way we would keep the tree up all year around.

 Christmas Joy 2012

2. “I have a super huge brain like a Triladon, I remember everything.”
I’m not sure on the size of his brain, but he DOES remember EVERYTHING!


1. “I tried to slurp it into my mouth and instead it went POP right into my eyeball.”
Oh, the hazards of eating spaghetti.

 Noodles 2012

Well, there are this week’s harmonious sounds from our house.


Happy New Year!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

2012-12-28 17.20.01

Make sure you listen for the harmony amidst the chaos

*I’m not going to host a link up, but if you wrote a Sound Bytes post or have a sound byte you’d like to share just make a comment.

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