A {Heard it at Bootcamp} SBOW


It took me four hours, a GPS mishap {who knew there was a lower, upper, east and west Wacker Drive} four illegal u-turns and two wrong turns down one way streets before I finally found my way to the Hyatt in Chicago for Bloggy Bootcamp.


Yes, I went, again!

I’m sure all my non-bloggy friends are rolling their eyes right now, and my fellow bloggers are excited to hear all about it.

Well, I’m here to tell you this time around was much different than my trip to St. Louis, which weirdly enough was only in March {nine months ago}. I actually went with her and her, instead of alone like last time, and not only that I was able to reconnect with so many bloggers that I met in St. Louis. Other changes, my focus, I know what I want to do with my blog like more sponsored posts, try to be a brand spokesperson and actually landing a PR gig with a company, so I can quit my day job and spend more time with the kids.

Dreams maybe, but I like to call them goals.

While the topics might have been different,  some things haven’t changed, like Tiffany Romero’s love of the microphone, and the witty sound bytes that come from every speaker…here’s a few of my favorites.

5. “Goals are dreams that just haven’t come true yet.” from Adam Keats.

4. “You can control one thing, how you react to a situation.” from Tiffany Romero

3. “Fortune favors the brave.”  from both Meagan Francis and Gigi Ross

2. “People all know you go to hell if you through a book in the trash.” by Samantha Howe, from Blurb

1. “We all know what money smells like  – Channing Tatutm.” Another Tiffanyism {she has millions}

Another wonderful conference by my favorite Sitahs Fran Banducci and Tiffany Romero a job well done ladies.


Chicago will never be the same, and neither will my blog.


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