A {Holiday} Sound Bytes of the Week

There’s only ten days till Christmas… TEN DAYS!!!! GAH….

I’m not even fully engulfed in the sparkly goodness of Christmas yet. For some reason it’s been eluding me this year. Perhaps it’s the unseasonable weather, the overly chaotic busyness of work and family or maybe it’s that I haven’t heard “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” on the radio yet.

Perhaps I just need to get some Holiday To Dos crossed of the list. I finally ordered holiday cards, they will be delivered next week {I’ll be squeaking them out just in time}.

Or perhaps I just need to see ONE snow flake, just one. We dodged last weekend’s snowstorm, but the weatherman says there might be some this Saturday.

Whatever…I’ll believe it when I see it.

Maybe, some holiday Sound Bytes will get me in the mood.

3. “Hey, E what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?”
“I’m not sure I’ll get anything based on my behavior today, but if I do better I hope he will bring me a Star Wars Snow Speeder and some Walkie Talkies.” 

Oh, E I know you will do better and a little elf told me that Santa thinks so too.



2. “G’inch, G’inch.”
    “No G’inch. G’inch scary.”
    “Mama G’inch, G’inch.”
     “No, G’inch, G’inch scary.”

Yeah, someone just can’t make up their mind about the big green guy. Each evening he says he wants to wear the Grinch sweatshirt and each morning the Grinch is scary. ‘Tis the fickleness of a two year old.

1. “Let’s make Santa some cookies.”
    “Ok, can they have Santas on them?”
    “Sure, but then it would be like Santa is eating himself.”
    “That’s ok Santas sweet, so he will like eating himself.”

Hmmm, so technically E thinks Santa is cool with being a cannibal…awesome.

Well, there you have it, some holiday Sound Bytes.

Did they help get you in the Christmas spirit?

It’s helped me a smidgen, but I’m still holding out for some of that white stuff, and maybe some spiked hot cocoa by the fire.


Yep, that’s just what Santa ordered.

What’s you Holiday Sound Byte?

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