A {Huh?} Sound Bytes

Hi all, so it’s finally March. I know many of us are patiently¬†impatiently waiting for spring, and I’ve seen some small hints that it is fast approaching. Easter baskets, robins chirping in the morning and of course the first batch of Sound Bytes for March (ok maybe not that last one).

3. “Of course you can melon ball a pumpkin.”
The wonderful chef Sierra did attempt to melon ball a pumpkin, however the melonballer had different ideas.
2. “Mom you are too old to cuddle.”
What? Who knew there was an age limit on cuddling. And really I’m not that old … really. I think I was carded for alcohol at least two years ago.
And the number one Sound Byte of the Week was submitted by my mom.
1. “It may weigh the same, but it’s still smaller.”
A comment from an old guy at the grocery store bakery where my mom works. He was commenting on the size of patzkes this year. Unfortunately, we don’t have patzkes here. They look so yummy. Do you have them where you live? I told my mom to ship me some, maybe I’ll get lucky.
So thank you mom! You win this week’s Sound Bytes of the Week. If we had patzkes here I’d send you a dozen.
No link-ups last month, kind of a bummer. But I’m determined, so I will be doing it again at the end of this month. So get yours ready, because I know you all have some great ones.

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