A {Look Back} Sound Bytes of the Week

Happy Friday folks!


I know the day is almost over.


I’m a smidge late posting because I spent the day Christmas shopping {no it’s not over yet}, and spending the day with the big boy.


E Ball Pit

Our family will be making the three-hour trek to the great white north tomorrow to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family. Spending time back in my hometown always triggers memories of dad, that and the fact that his birthday was on Christmas day. Oh, memories…


Speaking of Christmas, how was yours?


Ours was good, low-key and good.


This is the first year we’ve actually been able to host my mom and step-dad. It went perfectly, the smoke alarm didn’t even go off. The boys were VERY excited for Santa. Their top gifts, E’s Perry the Platypus walkie talkies, which picked up some guy with an English accent {creepy} and G’s favorite was his Dinosaur Train. Mine was just having everyone all together, without any major freakouts {from the parents or kiddos} Peace on Earth, at least for the day.


Now that the holidays are behind us, I’ve been waxing philosophical on the past year, and taking a look at all that has happened.


Last year’s one word – GROW – was indeed apparent and next week I’ll be announcing my one word for 2013…here’s a small hint.


Alphabet Photography Harmony

As we bid 2012 a fond farewell, I thought I’d take a moment to post my top twelve Sound Bytes of 2012 {drum roll please}


“We have a dinosaur vacuuming the kitchen.”


G Dino Vaccuum

“Hey mom, I’m flat boarding.”


Me: “You need to eat your corn like a typewriter.”

E: “Mom. What’s a typewriter?”


“If you think it ink it.”


“Mom I know what I’m going to get you for mother’s day. It’s a big golden rock, and they call it Fool’s Gold.”


“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life”


“When life hands me lemons I squeeze the crap out of them chuck ‘em across the room and add vodka to my lemonade.”


E: “I don’t like to draw, because kids make fun of my stuff.”
HUBS: “What can you say if someone tells you they don’t like your drawing?”

E: “It’s ok my daddy will love it.”


“Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.”


“ONE MINUTE.” {insert vehement finger waving}


One Minute

E: “Hey dad what does sexy mean?”

HUBS: “It means pretty.”
E: “Oh, I’m going to go tell mom she’s sexy.”


It was hard to find just twelve, but I think this pretty much sums up our year, a little silly, a little profound and lot of US.


Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering what the twelfth Sound Byte is…


Well, it’s




Have great one and I’ll see you next year.


Do you have a favorite Sound Byte from this year? If you do share it in the comments.

One thought on “A {Look Back} Sound Bytes of the Week

  1. these are great … love your ‘best of’! i hope you enjoy your trip and even though there will be memories of your dad, you will be able to take in the goodness of family and getting away …. or perhaps getting away from family lol. my fave soundbyte was when Drew saw the bras at Target and said, “Look at all of those milks!!” : )

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