A {Moments} Sound Bytes of the Week

In a moment my life changed.

Whether I think it’s good, bad or ugly it changed.

Last Friday was doom and gloom, worry and warts.

Now it’s silver linings and glasses half full.

Kindergarten First Day Last Day

In a moment on Monday, my eldest “graduated” from kindergarten. With tears in my eyes I watched as he sang some songs about growing up, accepted his diploma and then proceeded to pick his nose through the rest of the program.

Yep, that’s my boy.

With the last wave goodbye, our summer began.

This week has been a juggling act as we tag-teamed childcare and interviewed nannies between our hectic summer sports schedule.


Who was the moron that scheduled something every single weeknight a month before we move? Oh, yeah that was me. GAH….

We never thought we would find a nanny, and then poof it was like Mary Poppins had knocked on our door. In moment we found THE perfect nanny with experience in Special Education and Behavioral Issues. Our summer can now commence.

So, we’ve been running, juggling and each moment things change.

In a moment my hip was so painful I couldn’t walk, and today it feels great. In only 8 days I’ll be standing on the beach ready to dive in and in a moment it will be here then gone. One more week of training to go, and then my summer will begin.

Quad Cities Triathlon

Moments come and moments go, but one thing always remains the same the Sound Bytes of the Week.

3. “Look mom they are doing the gnat dance.”

I think all of Iowa is doing the gnat dance. Basically, you just wave your hands around your head and look like a crazy person.

2. ME: “I have a lunch date tomorrow.”
     E: “Does that mean you are going to kiss somebody.”

HA! No buddy I don’t think it’s that kind of date.

1. “Even though it’s gloomy outside I have sunshine inside me.”

Awwww, with all the rain we’ve been having it’s nice to know the sun still shines.

Well, I’m off to another work day, and it will be like any other work day. But…you never know in a moment everything can change.

2013-06-03 07.58.12

Have a great weekend, and be sure to cherish the moment.

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