A {Moments} Sound Bytes of the Week

“He passed away,” said the text message. My heart skipped a beat, and felt like it was about to fall from my chest. I wasn’t his daughter, his granddaughter or great-granddaughter and yet he felt like a grandfather to me. A grandfather that loved jazz music and oatmeal raisin cookies, and one that gave me a hard time for being a Democrat and a White Sox fan. I’d only known him for four years, a moment in time really, compared to the 90 that he had lived. But in all honesty I’d seen him more in those four years than I had seen my own grandparents. Every day when I went into work he was there, and every day when I asked how he was doing he’d tell me “almost wonderful.”

In a moment we were friends, and the next he was gone.

He’s not the only “grandparent” I have. Working at a retirement community I have a lot of “grandparents. Each one with wonderful tales to tell, and I have a willing ear ready to listen. No one warned me that I’d feel such a close connection to them.  That when they left us I’d be as distraught as a blood relative, and those special every day moments would be gone.

Those missing moments remind me that life is short and in a blink of an eye it could be gone. So I’ll cherish each one no matter how boring, exciting, sad or happy.

The moments that kept slipping from my fingers as I tried to meet deadlines.

Working Like Mom

The moments I pushed myself in training and felt spent, yet rejuvenated at the same time.

Triathlon Mom

The three wonderful moments that E had at school this week

The moment I was too tired to write, and I gave my creativity the much needed break it deserved.

The moment I realized that all of these little moments culminated in a lifetime, that at some point when I turned 90 I’d share them with a willing ear ready to listen.

I’ve listened to two boys share their moments with me this week, and now I’ll share them with you.

3. “You’re going to a cat funeral.”

Nope buddy it was a Catholic Funeral {at least this gave me a little chuckle to cheer me up.}

2. “Hey big fat daddy.”

Of course he followed this up with “big fat mommy” and then we had a conversation about how you never tell a woman she’s fat, unless it’s phat then it’s ok {do they even say phat anymore?}

1. “You could always text my teacher, but she’ll just tell you the same thing…Awesome day.”

And it was true! He had three in a row this week. We are so proud of him.

Now it’s time for that moment when my head will touch the pillow and I will dream of moments yet to come, and those that have gone.

Brother Love

Make sure you cherish your moments this weekend.


What was your “moment” this week?

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