A {Mommy Zombie} Sound Bytes of the Week

After Tuesday’s sick day, Wednesday’s snow day, Thursday’s doctor appointment, and today’s other doctor appointment, I declare this week a wash.

I throw in the towel and am ready to start fresh next week. I will not worry about making up work hours or trying to squeeze copious amounts of To Do’s into the rest of this week.

It is done. Over. Finite. Finished.

Personally I’m glad, giddy even, to bid it a fond farewell. For while my snow day was nice, my sick day sucked balls. I’m not even sure I had the flu, for I never visited the porcelain GOD or had a fever, but the intense muscle aches, light-headedness, and paralysis in my extremities left me feeling more zombie and less human. Let’s hope it never happens again.

Knock on wood.

While I was curled up in the fetal position, mumbling nonsense about eating brains, I did overhear some witty and funny Sound Bytes that might make even the most zombified of zombies grin.

3. “It was cooler than a Chihuahua saying bock, bock.”
For your information that’s like WAY cool.

2. “Watch me. Watch me mama.”
G has been honing his bball skillz and loves showing them off.

1. “Feel better mama.”
Yep, that is the best Sound Byte a mommy zombie ever heard.

Well, there they are this week’s Sound Bytes.

We are gearing our bellies up for the big game on Sunday, because seriously who watches the game. I just shove food in my face, beer down my gullet and watch the commercials. I’m such a fan…

Well, no matter whom you root for, have fun and eat tons.


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