A {Peaceful} Sound Bytes of the Week

Hmmm…This week’s theme seems a little unusual and ironic doesn’t it?

In light of the bombings, explosions, water flooding the streets and debris lining our paths the world is very loud right now. Unsettled, chaotic and anything but peaceful. However, this week I found peace amidst the noise and  in the most unlikely of places.

I found it in a random Facebook post and the bravery to pick up the phone and call a longtime friend.

I found it in tuning out the news coverage and tuning into my kiddos with evenings full of LEGOs, Angry Birds and hugs.

Daddy Hugs

I found it when my eldest told me his school days have been AWESOME! No issues, only smiles.

I found it in a couple of powerful blog posts. Like this one, and this one by her.

I found it this week’s Sound Bytes…

3. “I wish they made macaroni pancakes.” 

Oh, E that would be your dream come true.

2. “It’s a bubble hurricane.”

Nothing like bubbles on a nice day to make everything better.

1. “Wuv you mommy.”

G has just started saying I love you without any prompting whatsoever. Which is pretty darn cool, because it means he knows what it feels like to love someone and be loved in return. It’s what makes the world go ’round.

Mommy Hugs

As we rest a little better knowing that evil has been captured, lives may not be the same, but we CAN find peace again. I know because this week is proof of that, and I’m going to hold on to it and never let it go.

Have a GREAT weekend and may peace find your its way to your heart.



Oh, and I typically don’t pander for votes, but my post about E’s issues with mental illness has been nominated for BlogHer Voices of the Year, and if you’d like to read it, and vote I’d be forever grateful. You can view the post and vote here. Thank You!




4 thoughts on “A {Peaceful} Sound Bytes of the Week

  1. great sound bytes — love them. i’m glad you could find some peace within your week. i’m off to look at your post about your son. i fully support you and know you are doing all you can as a parent. you rock!

    1. I read yours too…{I’m finally catching up on blog reading} You know I feel weird sharing my story about E all over the place, but as my mom says who is a better expert than someone going through the struggle. So I share and share and share, and I’ve found so many other moms going through the same thing. It’s like we’ve created our own little support group. Thanks for always cheering me on, you are the sweetest and we totally need to get together soon.

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