A {Processing} Sound Bytes of the Week

After two weeks of going, going, going. I’ve finally found a couple moments to let my mind and body process everything that has been happening.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster, and I’m still recovering from the whiplash of the ups, downs, twists and turns.

The biggest news is that Bigger Picture Blogs is no longer.

The Thursday link-ups have ended and while we will still keep the Facebook page open, the actual blog is gone. My heart broke when I heard the news, because finding the Bigger Picture in everyday moments was like my religion. It was a way for me to stay grounded and not turn into angry, spazzy mom. I’m terrified that without my weekly reminder my children and husband might see more of her. However, I’m hopefully that I will be able to keep her at bay, because while the blog might be gone the friendships that it fostered will always remain.

Once I heard the news I did question “the meaning of it all”.

Like why should I keep blogging?

Have I already reached my peak?

Is this season of my life done?

Ironically, those close to me who always said “my plate was too full” told me not to give it up. So I’m still here typing away, and I’m now free to pursue some other blogging avenues. Like devoting more time and energy to my new gig over at the Iowa City Moms Blog. Finally find a focus for the ‘ol blog like fashion and triathlons. I also still have to share my story about E and mental illness, and how much children’s therapy is working for us. So, the stories it seems are still coming …

Speaking of stories, on Mother’s Day I was able to share my story of motherhood on the stage at the Eastern Iowa production of Listen to Your Mother. It was an experience I will remember FOREVER.

Listen to Your Mother 2013

Every little detail is burned into my brain.

Like the fact that through a weird twist of fate I was able to share the stage with a sweet new friend, who eased my nerves.

How the feeling of my heart beating out of my chest and my wobbly legs immediately dissipated after I heard the audience laugh for the first time.

That she traveled miles to see me perform my piece.

The moment after the show, when people walked up to me and said they loved my piece and it inspired them.

My heart practically burst from my chest with gratitude, and I finally felt vindicated. After all the years of being told I wasn’t a writer, I was finally being recognized as one. It was like giving all the naysayers the middle finger … finally.

On the same day I shared my story, we celebrated Mother’s Day and the day I became a mother for the second time.

My little redhead turned three. There really are no words other than I can’t believe how fast time flies, and it’s not the terrible twos it’s the terrible threes. Gah…

G 3rd Birthday

As I remark on how quickly time flies I’m reminded that in three weeks school will be out for the summer, in one month I’ll race in my triathlon, a week later we will bring Creative Soul to Iowa City, we will be moving and then I’ll head to BlogHer.

This summer is going to fly by, but I will still have priceless Sound Bytes like these to help me cherish each moment.

3. E: “Mom are there teeth in my stomach?”
    ME: “No, E there are not teeth in your stomach.”
    E: “Then how does my food get all mushy and smooshy?”
    ME: “Because there’s acid in your stomach that makes it that way.”
    E: “Oh, that’s MUCH cooler than teeth.”

My only comment is a boy’s brain is a fabulous thing. WOW!!!

2. G: “Stay home day?”
   ME: {preparing for the meltdown} “No buddy it’s a school day”
      G: Cue meltdown

Yeah, buddy I feel the same way. Totally wish there were more Stay Home days in the week.

1. G: “Hair in your nose?” {then he proceeds to stick his finger up my nose} I have hair in nose too?”

Yep, you have hair in there too. Note to self to pluck nose hairs. UGH…

Well, there are this week’s Sound Bytes. What did you hear this week?

I’m patiently waiting for the work day to end, so I can enjoy some Stay Home days. We have another busy weekend on tap – spray tan party tonight, Brick in the morning, then a trip to the QC to shop the farmer’s market with Mimi, a date night to Star Trek and Little Red’s belated bday celebration on Sunday. Whew! I’m going to need more Stay Home days…

Cake Face

Have a GREAT weekend and cherish those Stay Home days.

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  1. Oh, friend. The way we learned to intentionally seek the Bigger Picture in the simple moments won’t ever leave. We made it a habit and we can keep it that way, even if the blog or link up is no longer there. There are still gifts to grab onto and embrace with each new day. That beautiful lesson and the friendships formed will not soon be forgotten. Also, I’m hoping to hug you in person again soon at the next Creative Soul! 🙂
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