A {Real} Sound Bytes of the Week

Good Morning!

Just like last week another theme has emerged. Although this one is set in the books, and actually acknowledged nationally, it’s National Eating Disorders Awareness week.

Which means I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on my journey through body image issues, and recovery and remission from anorexia. I read inspirational stories like Jessica’s from Four Plus and Angel and posted affirmations on Twitter and Facebook encouraging others to tell me things they love about their bodies. I even wrote a piece this week on returning the favor of self-love to our bodies who give us so much.

It’s not easy to love yourself in a culture that believes Photoshopped super models are supposed to be our role models. When I was younger it was easy to fall under that spell, but with old age, gray hair and firmly etched laugh lines comes reality.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, and as the wise elder that I am I will clear the smoke so that our younger generation can see…really see. People come in different shapes and sizes, no one is the same and that fact must be celebrated.

So today and over the weekend I encourage you to look in the mirror, REALLY look, and discover the perfect body that has been there all along.

The body that gives great hugs.

The body that works long days to provide for your family.

The body that wakes up early to tend to little people in need.

The body that gave birth.

The body that takes you through life’s journey.

Celebrate today, and everyday the REAL you!

No celebration is complete without some hilarious Sounds Bytes, so grab a seat and settle in …

3. “My birds are chirping at me. Gotta get to work.”

Seriously, this kid has an addiction to Angry Birds. I have to admit once I started playing I was hooked too…great add that to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and I’m doomed.

2. “He’s Big E.”

We’ve always joked in our house that the character Sheldon from the “Big Bang Theory” reminds us of E, and earlier this week E caught a glimpse of the show and said the same thing…what do you think?

E and S

1. “Hey E what does a writer do if they have a lot of thoughts in their head?”
     “They write it out!”

Oh, I’m teaching this boy so well…crossing fingers and toes for a future writer. Although then we’d have to compete for shower wall space…hmmmm….

Shower Walls

I hope those gave you a little giggle today.

Enjoy your weekend and may you look in the mirror and see the REAL you!


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