A {Retail Therapy} Sound Bytes of the Week

It’s Friday…Yippee…Friday…

{Imagine me doing a happy dance similar to Elaine from Seinfeld}
While this week hasn’t been terrible, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns either. But as long as I’m still breathing and haven’t shed a tear, I’d say it was A Okay.
We’ve been nutso busy. Like I’ve been trying to keep up with my Blogging from the Heart class, I’m preparing some writing for my Writing Circle, I need to design E’s birthday invites {only 3 weeks away} and … that doesn’t even include the day to day chaos that consumes our lives. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Busy is good. Busy means healthy and happy. Hurrah.
Even amongst all this chaos, I’m able to find time for a little retail therapy with my mom. We are headed to Des Moines tomorrow, a stop at DSW and Pottery Barn should erase the stress of the past couple of months…oh, and some cheesecake will help too. If all goes well, we will be having lunch with one of my favorite bloggers, Karin at In Bloom. I can’t wait!
Well, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for this week’s Sound Bytes of the Week.
3. “Don’t touch me jelly pants.”
E called G jelly pants for a whole day just because he had a smudge of jelly on his face. This poor kid and the nicknames.

2. “There’s a banana in the tailpipe.”

According to B2, if your car doesn’t start this must be the problem.
1. “Mama I miss the old days, like last year.”
I think as we get closer and closer to kindergarten, E is staring to realize that he’s turning into a big boy. And both of us are a little sad about it.

Well, there you have it. Are you laughing so hard milk is coming out your nose?
And now I’m off to finish they day and peruse My Style Board on Pinterest so I can plan my attack on the shopping mall.
Have a crazy, wonderful, beautiful weekend.

2 thoughts on “A {Retail Therapy} Sound Bytes of the Week

  1. >I've already been on Pinterest for far too long today and here it is only 10:20am, never mind, I'm sure I'll find more time as the day goes on to hop on there again tee hee.

    Your boy's are so sweet bless them. Some things kids say really are just priceless x x x x

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