A {School Daze} Sound Bytes of Week

And so it has ended the first FULL week of school. Whew!

Overall, E has done great. He’s had some moments, but he’s getting it and the best part he LOVES IT! All in all a HUGE success for him.

As for me…

Well, I’d have to say, I’m still trying to conquer the learning curve of different schedules, packing lunches and time management when it comes to drop offs and pick up {I solely blame that on the damn college kids who wander aimlessly around campus and walk right out in front of my car}.

All in all I’m a work in progress.

How about you?

How were your kiddos first day{s} of school?

Other than the school transition, we have NOTHING else going on. Yep absolutely nothing…until of course next weekend when FOOTBALL season starts.

I can’t wait, we are headed to Chi-town to watch the Hawks take on Northern Illinois at Soldier Field. Not only that but the hubs and I are using it as our Great Escape. No kids, no worries, just us, black and gold, copious amounts alcohol with 80’s music blaring from the Porsche. It could get crazy, and I can’t wait.

Well, I know you can’t wait for this week’s Sound Bytes, so here you go.

3. “I only do that with people who have giant butts. Like you.”
Ok, so E has been slapping me on the bum lately. I’m not sure if he’s prepping for football season or what, but it’s gotten a tad out of hand. Of course he’s not doing it everyone just people like me with giant butts…awesome.

2. “I’m a Natural Born Leader.”
I’m just thankful he didn’t say Natural Born Killer…Whew!

1. “I need to find Mitt Romney so I can tie him up with my Batarang and take him to jail.”
Ummm, yeah I’d say we are raising a liberal.

What did you hear this week?


Well, that’s all from crazy town.

Have a Sweet weekend.

9 thoughts on “A {School Daze} Sound Bytes of Week

    1. WOW!!! Invincible…thanks {I’m totally blushing} I think we run around faking it a lot, so it looks like we know what we are doing. Have a great week.

  1. i am also feeling the tug of racing from work to school and having mini freak-outs!!! i hate being so rushed all of the time. i totally laughed at the big butt comment, because when i am cooking, Drew stands behind me and says “punch your bootie, punch your bootie” and it’s because my rear is in his face (it’s big) and he has two fists for each cheek LOL. i am going to the UNI game …….. hopefully see you there!!?!?

    1. Yes! We will be at the game. We totally need to get together.

      And…I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that gets the bootie punch. E does the same thing. So weird. Must be a boy thing.

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