A {Settling In} Sound Bytes of the Week

I meant to write this on Friday, but Friday came and went. Now it’s Sunday, and I’m like “whoa, were did the weekend go?” But it’s good because we are having fun, and enjoying every ounce of summer and family time.

We’ve been in the new house a week and other than a washing machine issue and the fact that we are in a two story house in the summer {hot}, we are acclimating quite well. The boys are sleeping, the cat is meowing his head off at three in the morning {which means he’s happy…go figure} and I was able to get in a quick morning run through the new neighborhood. Yesterday, I completed E’s room, everything but the photos on the wall, which was a BIG accomplishment…can we say millions of LEGOS and millions of action figures. Today I tackle our room, finally put some laundry away and start settling our belongings in their places. I even found the darn toilet paper after I bought more at Target … oh, well you can never have too much toilet paper.

G Swing Summer 2013

I’m also settling back into a routine. Creating harmony between writing, fitness and family life. This week I followed my own advice and took a day off to soak up summer with my family. I ran around the waterpark like a little kid with no cares in the world, and it was GRANDE.

Harmony 2013

Being a kid does have its benefits like, being able to say whatever you, whenever you want … like this week’s Sound Bytes.

3. “Me go again, me go again.”

The little redhead shows no fear even when it came to water slides, wish I could say the same.

2. “See the roof, see the roof. Oh, that’s where Santa comes to visit.”

That same redhead had to look out our bathroom window to see the roof, and once he saw the chimney he was VERY excited for Christmas to come.

1. “Hey mom we need some ‘playtime’.” {complete with air quotes}

Yes, my six year old used air quotes, this could mean “trouble”.

Well, I’m off to do more housecharming, toddler taming and maybe sneak in a movie date. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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