A {Super} Virtual Coffee

Whoa! Oh how I wish we were really having coffee this morning. I could really use the break right now. B2 is on a business trip and I’m alone with the kids. Although, I can’t complain it’s not like I’m a SAHM. I do have the luxury of going to work each day and the gym at night. But after the bazillionth time of E getting out of bed I was longing for B2’s negotiating skills for the bedtime routine. Oh and the 4 a.m. wake up call this morning with a nonstop screaming baby who also decided to vomit on me. I had reached my breaking point by the time I was in the shower at 6:30 a.m., which ended in a blackout because the breaker blew while I had shampoo in my hair. E kept yelling “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it.” Ugh…

So I’m on the verge of tears or major rage…it’s a crap shoot right now, so let’s move on before things get ugly.

And if we were together you would see my brightened, less gray hair. I’m still trying to grow it out after I unfortunately experimented with a shorter do. I’m thinking I’ll just go back to my standard mom bob…it worked for me. But until it grows out this is me so I’ll just have to deal.

My weekend took a detour to my bank, when I found out on Friday that my credit card was hacked. None of the charges made it through, so I just got a new card and signed some papers and all was right with world. Thank goodness. Although, I still feel a little violated.

Our biggest issue right now is that G might have the stomach flu and he’s supposed to get tubes on Friday. Ugh…this poor little baby, even though everyday he has a bright smile on his face he’s miserably sick. I feel so bad for him. Hopefully, we can make it through this week and get him the relief he needs. I hate seeing my baby suffer.

So, what did you do this weekend? What’s in store for the week? I wish you the best and thanks for having coffee with me…I sooooo needed it.

4 thoughts on “A {Super} Virtual Coffee

  1. >Wow, that is a lot to deal with in the morning. You should of stopped at the Java House. Hope E gets to feeling better.

  2. >Hang in there!!! Sounds like you are HAVING A DAY. I hate when the SH*T hits the fan all at once. Hope your little guy is doing better soon too.

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