A {Surviving Life} Sound Bytes of the Week

Silence is golden or so the say. In blog life it means your numbers suck and people think that you have given up.

Rest assured I have not given up.

I’ve just been living life…ok that might be stretch let’s say SURVIVING life. I finished my triathlon {race recap coming as soon as I get pictures}, which I’m sure you all are sick of hearing about. I know my family is. They are ready for mom to be mom again instead of crazy swim, bike, run mom. I miss her too, and slowly I’m letting go of my OCD workout schedule and letting life back in again.

You know it’s bad when you get the stink eye from the hubby and your kids are all over you like flies on a cowpie {yes I did just compare myself to a cowpie} Well, it is how I feel for running off and joining the triathlon circus for thirteen weeks. Oh, the guilt! Why, oh why must guilt enter the picture? Unfortunately, it’s that guilt that diminishes my accomplishments. I’m tired of sacrificing and something needs to give…hopefully decisions will be made soon that will make ALL of us happy.

G Playing

While the triathlon circus might be over the moving circus has just begun. We close on the house on Tuesday, and I’ve only packed ONE box…ONE. Seriously??? I guess I know what I’ll be doing on July 4th while everyone else is enjoying BBQs and parades. Perhaps if I view it as another triathlon {pack, move, unpack} I can handle it. Right now I’d rather be doing an Ironman than packing … and that’s saying something, because I’ll NEVER do an Ironman.


I just survive each day. I workout, work, run kids to activities, make dinner, put them to bed, watch an episode of The Office and try to form two sentences to talk to my husband, and sleep. Oh, and try to pack one more box. Yep, that’s life. It’s what I signed up for right? In this moment we are treading water, surviving each day until we can relocate our home base and settle in.

E baseball

There are little life preservers in the rough seas of life, the Sound Bytes of the Week. They keep me afloat when I get to tired to tread water.  Ready? Catch!

3. ME: “Ugh…I need to go to the store and buy some meat so you guys can have some protein.”
E: “No you don’t mom. I’m a vegetarian. I’ll just eat macaroni everyday.”

Well, that’s our life lately so I guess we are all vegetarians or macatarians however you want to interpret our macaroni intake.

2. “It’s a soul detox.”

That’s the description for our Creative Soul event that took place last weekend. More on that next week.

Creative Soul 2013

1. “I shy.”

G has been meeting lots of new people. Between the nanny, hanging out with me at work and swim lessons he’s been a social butterfly, but there are those time when he’s just a little shy. I know how you feel big guy, even the extrovert gets shy sometimes.

I only have two more hours left of work, and you better believe I’m counting the hours, minutes and seconds. I’m so VERY ready get this weekend underway. I’m hopefully running a 5K tomorrow morning to kick off the holiday week, and I will be wearing my new Swirlgear running tee.

What’s Swirlgear?

It’s running apparel created by women for women, check out my interview with founder Lacie Whyte. Also, you can use code 917 to receive FREE shipping on all your purchases.

Well, I’m off and running, and treading. Have a GREAT weekend, and keep an eye out for those little life preservers, you never know where you may find one.

G Goggles

2 thoughts on “A {Surviving Life} Sound Bytes of the Week

  1. You officially have my permission to give yourself a break. You are a great mom! A fantastic athlete! A talented blogger! And a great friend!

    GOOD LUCK ON MOVING!!! Blog numbers mean nothing compared to sanity. That is what I say!

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