A {Training} Sound Bytes of the Week

Hmmm…so it’s Friday. The end of my first full week of work since the holidays and I have to say it went FAST – like super FAST.

Which is good, because this weekend we have NOTHING planned {well nothing super big}.

I am meeting with my triathlon coach on Saturday.

Yep, I finally bit the bullet and hired someone to help me {more on that in another post}, which means it’s training season. I’m sure many of you are sick of seeing IG photos of my WOD, but to be honest taking a photo and posting it holds me accountable and makes me do the work. And boy do I need it. I haven’t stepped foot in a pool since last year’s training {unless you count a game of water volleyball} So, it’s time to put my GAMEFACE on and work it.

 Quad Cities Triathlon

For those of you who run or compete, what races are you doing this summer? Since my running partner is having a baby, I’m looking for some peeps to join me on the trails and maybe fend off some zombies during the Run for Lives zombie run.  Any takers?

Fun times, and I can’t wait.

Now on to more fun times with this week’s Sound Bytes.

3. “Nature fascinates me.”
E, G and the hubs were watching a nature show on PBS and both boys were mesmerized. They love animals.

2. “I’m a spidery spider.”
It’s official, after ever Wild Kratz show E has to reenact the episode. Last night’s was all about spider…hence his “web”

 Spidey E

1. “I’m going to let the anger slide down my back like a big blob of goo.”
Words to live by from such a little and wise man.

Well, there are this week’s Bytes.

Have a GREAT weekend and work it.

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