A {White} Sound Bytes of the Week

It’s heeeere!

That would be Friday and SNOW. Yep the “s” word finally made an appearance and it looks like it’s going to stick around for a bit.

I’m torn between being happy about it to being slightly miffed. See, I’m supposed to drive three hours to Humboldt on Saturday for the last Christmas celebration and it might snow. And while this may not seem like that big of deal, we are perpetually cursed on our yearly Christmas trip to Humboldt. EVERY year there’s some weird weather phenomenon that either prevents us from going or makes the trip miserable. Even on the way to my dad’s funeral in April it was gale force winds that day. CRAZY!!!

However, we should {ideally} be fine unless we get like twelve inches or something.

So how are you faring with the white stuff? Love it or hate it?

Well, now it’s time for some Sound Bytes of the Week.

3. “The weathermen are like my exes. There are full of themselves and WAY over exaggerating their inches.”
This didn’t come from me {although do have some exes like that}. My friend wrote that today in response to all the hype surrounding the “blizzard”. I found it hilarious and VERY true.

2. “Mit Romney is trying to be in charge. But he’s really not. Obama is.”
Ok, we are NOT a huge political family, but with the Caucus’ in Iowa and all the TV coverage I think E must have picked up thing a two.

1. “We have a dinosaur vacuuming the kitchen.”
Why yes we do…hmmm…I wonder if he charges for that.

And now it’s your turn to share. Remember it only needs to be one.

Well, I’m off to go Christmas shopping {weird right}.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm this weekend. A little hot cocoa always helps.


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