Absent Husband Season

Call it hunting season, basketball season, snowmobiling season.


I call it Absent Husband Season.

You know the season where your hubby is glued to the TV watching sports or up at the crack of dawn to sit in a duck blind. I have a couple of friends who resent this season, and I’ll admit I have my moments. Mostly when I have plans and they conflict with “the season’s” or when I’ve had so much single parenting I need to seek therapy.

But overall, I L-O-V-E it.

For those of you still trying to embrace “the season” let me tell you I didn’t love it at first.

Ten years ago when Bill and I were first married I HATED basketball season. Too many games, too many nights away from home, too many tournament weekends. I wanted my hubby. I missed him and wanted to cuddle on the couch together and watch TV.

Ten years later things have changed a bit. “Do you have a game tonight.” I ask with excitement. Because when B2 has a game that means…P-A-R-T-Y.

Ok, not REALLY a party. More like a quiet night catching up on MY TiVo’d shows {hello GLEE marathon}, reading magazines and blogs, and maybe just maybe hosting a mini dance party in the living room.

The boys and I eat what we want for dinner, which consists of Hamburger Helper or {my fav} WT Mac and Cheese. We act silly and do girly things like hanging out at the mall, doing crafts or just chillin’.

While I do miss my hubby during “Absent Husband Season” it gives me a chance to do my own thing, and find hobbies that are just mine, and grow individually without him. {Which is a good thing}.

Oh, and eventually “Absent Husband Season” ends, and then I start planning “Absent Wife Season”. HA!


Loving husband, answers to the name B2 or Dada. 
Most commonly can be found at Kinnick Stadium or Carver Hawkeye Arena.
Last seen wearing some sort of Hawkeye shirt or sweatshirt with jeans.

If you have seen this man, please send him home. His family misses him.

2 thoughts on “Absent Husband Season

  1. >I know! I miss my hubby during basketball season (especially during the evil hour right before dinner when my children like to have massive whine-fests) BUT I've been noticing how much more I get done if he's not home in the evening! And having a chance to miss him is nice, too!

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