An {Ending} Sound Bytes of the Week

Yesterday was my last training day, and it was bittersweet. I’m so grateful that I found a coach I like and that totally gets my little idiosyncrasies, like my irrational race anxiety.

Which is at 100% right now.

This will be my fourth year doing this race, so in essence there is no rational reason for this anxiety. I’m supposed to be doing this for fun right? Not to freak out like a crazy person.

Quad Cities Triathlon

Ironically this came in my inbox this week, so I decided to follow their advice and make a list of all my fears {whether rational or irrational}.

Here are a couple of biggies…

What if it rains?

There’s a 60 percent chance that it will rain, hopefully it will hold off until later in the morning. If there is lightening the race will be changed to a duathlon, which eases some of my anxiety. However, riding my rented road bike on wet black top totally freaks me out. Worse case scenario, I wipe out and end the race, but at least I tried.

The second elephant in the room is the unpredictability of my hip.

It feels fine when I do everything, but run. So, I’ve been cutting back on running for the past two weeks, but I feel really weak and puny. Worst case is that I have to walk, which I’ve done before. It will suck, but I WILL finish.

Well, I guess their theory did work, because just writing all that out made me feel a little better.

A little…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can really only do one triathlon a year. It’s just so hard to fit it all in, and our little family is suffering from a bad case of training fatigue.

The hubby and kids are wondering where I am all the time, and also wondering who this crazy, crabby person is this week. I think my family feels they are living with a bear…have you seen this commercial? I laugh every single time, because that’s so me…

I’ve decided to let the family off the hook on watching the race. Ideally, there would be no reason to make the one-hour trek to see me, when I’ll be done long before they get there {hopefully}. Plus, my mom will be there, which is awesome. I love that she goes with me to stuff like this. She totally understands my anxiety. She even braved the gnats to watch me swim three laps during open water swim practice at the lake on Monday. She’s the BEST, and I can’t wait to celebrate the end with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Pancakes are a great motivator.

That and some inspiring and tri-themed Sound Bytes of the Week…

3. “Whack”
Yep, that was my head hitting the wood piling at the lake during my swim practice. It hurt and it was embarrassing. Note to self sight more often.

Open Swim

2. “I love that triathlon it’s better than Christmas morning.”
One of my mom’s co-workers does this tri every year, and I think I’m going to adopt her philosophy. It is about having fun right?

1. “The swim is the best part, it’s the only time in a triathlon that you get to lay down.”
HA!! I never thought of it that way, but when I’m freaking out in the water this will be the first thing I go to in order to relax.

I’m all packed and ready to roll. Just need to finish the work day, then off to pick up my race packet, carb load and meet the other two ladies my coach helped.

Triathlon Bag

Well I’m off to finish the workday, I have the attention span of a gnat so this could be interesting…


For those of you wondering which outfit won my TRIFashion Vote, check out my Instagram tomorrow and you’ll find out. Want to follow all the race fun, search #QCTRI on Instagram.

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