An {Out of Control} Sound Bytes of the Week

It’s Friday, and seriously…I have nothing.


Life is spinning exponentially out of the control, and I just need a break. You know how mentioned we had nothing going on last weekend? Just as quickly as I typed that, our social calendar exploded with winter concerts, school carnivals and Superbowl parties. It was good, but it didn’t leave many moments to just decompress.


I’m heading to my annual and much needed hair appointment tomorrow that also includes a pedicure, so hopefully that will give me the respite I so desperately need.


Sadly that might be the only quiet time in an otherwise crazy weekend, because…it’s time to get cracking on my triathlon training. Official coach training doesn’t start till March, but I need to get my swim form down before then. So it’s sounds like I’ll be spending some time at the pool for the next couple of weeks. I guess this means I’ll have to shave my legs…there goes that extra layer of warmth.


I’m also still tweaking my Listen Your Mother Piece. The deadline is next Friday and I’m crossing my fingers that I at least get to read my piece. Because seriously once they see me on the stage they will L-O-V-E me. Right?


Speaking of L-O-V-E I have some Sound Bytes you will just adore this week.


3. “Mom, I think your computer just needs to think about it.”

Yes, my son once you see the rainbow pinwheel of death your computer does just need to think about it, and so does mom.


2. “She’s a worry machine.”

I’m a worrier what can I say … it’s hereditary.


1. “Live the life you value.”

This spoke volumes to me this week, and I believe it deserves a whole blog post to itself.


I’m off to finish the day at work, and we are looking at another house tonight. I’m not hopeful, but I am hopeful that SOMETHING will come up soon that we can both agree on. But that’s another blog post too.


Well, have a great weekend and may you find your happy place this weekend.

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