An {Overdue} Five Minute Friday: STORY

It’s been a while since I’ve done Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo’s aka Gypsy Mama, typically I have to do mine on Saturday or Sunday because I have my own link up {the Sound Bytes of the Week} on Friday.

And I’m over a week late with one…duh…let’s just say my Google Reader was a little full. But I found this one and it just spoke to me, so even though it’s late and the Linky is probably closed, I don’t care. I just wanted to share my five minutes on



My story is unique, and it is mine.

I share it every day on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, through email and even in person. I’m a discloser. It’s hard for people to swallow sometimes. My story is tattooed across my heart every day and I want to share it with you.

Sure there maybe moments when it’s a little TMI, especially if we are talking about birthing babies, or disgusting things my kids do. But in reality I just like to share me. I like to find those common threads that bind us together.

See my story and my perspective may be unique, but the underlying struggles or experiences may be and can be the same. And with that one story, that one disclosure, that one heart spilling moment a bond is made.

I found so many of you through blogging my story. We’ve shared stories of death, kids having issues at school, weight and body image. And through it all, no matter how hard the story was to share with you … all of you have been supportive, kind  and in turn have shared your story.

Weaving that bond even tighter.

Five Minute Friday

One thought on “An {Overdue} Five Minute Friday: STORY

  1. This is so sweet. I love reading your five minute posts, I love how you get straight to the point 🙂 x x x x

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