An {Anniversary} Sound Bytes of the Week

SBOW 5-30-14


On June 1 twelve years ago I said “I Do” through tears and a smile to the man that would walk along side me on this journey through life.


It was the perfect summer day. We were surrounded by family and friends all want to celebrate our love and commitment.


It was in a word – magical.


He looked handsome in this tuxedo staring at me from the alter as I made my way down the aisle on my dad’s arm.


Wedding Day

We cried and laughed through the vows, and exchanged our first gift as husband and wife. Then we partied the night away to the sounds of Journey.


Love could be felt in every corner of the room, and now twelve years later that love continues to surround us.


No matter what comes our way, we still LOVE one another.


Life can suck the marrow from your soul if you let it, but like my kids say LOVE is a super duper force field that nothing can break.


So, dear crazy, nutzo life you may bend us and we may twist a bit in you gale, but we will never ever break, and that’s what twelve years is all about.


The magic of never being broken.


Me and the Hubs




There is also the magic of Sound Bytes and here are few to make you smile.


3. “You could poke out your eye. Then you would have a robot eye.”

While it would suck to have an ER visit a robot eye would be pretty cool.


2. “They won’t eat us we aren’t sweet.”

I disagree Big E you are very sweet, but yeah ants won’t eat you.


1. “Start making dinner mom? I’m only 7, maybe I’ll do that when I’m ten.”

Oh, little man I’m counting the minutes, hours and days till you can make your own dinner.


Well, I’m off to finish the day.


Hopefully, we can find a babysitter so the hubs and I can at least have a nice dinner together for our anniversary. Oh, and my Aunt from California, well now Idaho, is here for a visit. I haven’t seen her in forever, and I can’t wait to have my boys meet her and show off our new house.


Here’s to a great weekend and finding babysitters.

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