Give it a TRI: Back at the Starting Line

I glance at the clock, sweat dripping down my face.






Starting Line


The sounds of feet making contact with punching bags practically drowns out the deafening pop music.


20 minutes are left.


20 freaking minutes.


I seriously feel like my lungs are going to explode and my legs feel like limp noodles as I kick the bag.


Six months ago I would have cruised through this workout. Even possibly throwing in a three mile run afterward. Now I can barely make it through half the class.


This is what happens when a triathlete stops working out.


I mentioned so many times this summer, how triathlon training had become more of a burden than a blessing. My mojo had left the building and went on an extended vacation.


Approximately a SIX month vacation. Shortly after my race, we took a trip to Clearwater beach. While I swam in the ocean and walked everywhere, I still ate and drank my way through Florida.


I returned home, in a lazy summer haze. My lazy summer extended into a lazy fall, and eventually I found myself ten pounds heavier and completely out of shape.


Hence, the noodle legs in kickboxing.


So, what does a triathlete do when she stops working out?


Well, she starts over.


All of you who are doing the Couch to 5K or have just started on your fitness journey, I’m right there with you at the starting line.


We all have moments when we fall off the proverbial wagon, even competitive athletes. Little by little I’m getting back to where I used to be.


Just the other day I didn’t even look at the clock during kickboxing, and I didn’t feel like passing out after class.


I’d say that’s winning.


Starting Line


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